DDOT's Weekly Construction Update: Work Between Sat, Dec 5 and Sat, Dec 19, 2020


Work Between Saturday, December 5 and Saturday, December 19, 2020
Mayor Bowser is committed to eliminating all roadways, alleys, and sidewalks in poor condition in Washington, DC by 2024 through the PaveDC initiative. This publication lists all of the road, alley, and sidewalk paving projects that will be under construction during the next two weeks. The 2020 Paving Plan is now live on the PaveDC website and includes a new tab for sidewalks scheduled for repair. For more information about these projects, please visit DDOT's interactive tool, PaveDC. For frequently asked questions about the 2020 paving plan, please visit
Please note: Work may be adjusted depending on weather and other conditions. Additional projects may be added to this list. DDOT contacts residents and businesses within the work zones before work begins. Unless otherwise noted, work is not conducted on weekends. 
Citywide Pavement Restoration Projects
DDOT is committed to improving and restoring local roadways through pavement restoration. Residents should expect paving activities at the following locations over the next two weeks, weather permitting:
Ward 3
Albemarle Street NW, between Nebraska Avenue NW and 42nd Street NW
Butterworth Place NW, between 46th Street NW and 48th Street NW
Windom Place NW, between 47th Street NW and 48th Street NW
Indian Rock Terrace NW, between Q Place NW and Salem Lane NW
Q Lane NW, between 45th Street NW and Indian Rock Terrace NW
Ward 4
Kansas Avenue NW, between Sherman Circle NW and Kennedy Street NW
18th Street NW, between Shepherd Street NW and Taylor Street NW
7th Street NW, between Shepherd Street NW and Taylor Street NW
Ward 5
17th Street NE, between Girard Street NE and Hamlin Street NE
17th Street NE, between Lawrence Street NE and Monroe Street NE
Lawrence Street NE, between 15th Street NE and 16th Street NE
Ward 6
C Street NE, between 7th Street NE and 8th Street NE
Ward 7
Pennsylvania Avenue SE, between 27th Street SE and Prout Street SE
23rd Place NE, between E Street NE and Benning Road NE
Erie Street SE, between Naylor Road SE and 29th Street SE
Ward 8
R Street SE, between 19th Street SE and 23rd Street SE
Citywide Sidewalk Restoration Projects
As part of DDOT's commitment to the improvement and restoration of local sidewalks, construction activities will occur at the following locations throughout the next two weeks.
Ward 1
Kalorama Road NW, between 19th Street NW and 20th Street NW
Ward 2
Independence Avenue SW, between 12th Street SW and 14th Street SW
O Street NW, between 35th Street NW and 36th Street NW
Ward 3
Macomb Street NW, between Maud Street NW and Glenbrook Terrace Street NW
Ward 4
Primrose Road NW, between 14th Street NW and 16th Street NW
3rd Street NW, between Decatur Street NW and Delafield Place NW
4th Street NW, between Emerson Street NW and Delafield Place NW
4th Street NW, between Emerson Street NW and Delafield Place NW
Taylor Street NW, between New Hampshire Avenue NW and Illinois Avenue NW
Ward 5
Decatur Place NE, between 7th Street NE and 7th Place NE
Webster Street NE, between 1st Street NE and North Capitol Street
Emerson Street NE, between 11th Street NE and 12th Street NE
Staples Street NE, between Morse Street NE and Neal Street NE
11th Street NE, between Hamilton Street NE and Chillum Place NE
12th Street NE, between Decatur Street NE an Emerson Street NE
Ward 7
Blaine Street NE, between 45th Street NE and Sycamore Road NE
38th Street SE, between Alabama Avenue SE and Suitland Road SE
Citywide Alley Restoration Projects
DDOT is improving alleys across the city. Once work begins, access to parts of the alley under construction will be closed, and parking is restricted. In emergency situations, access may be permitted by notifying DDOT. Work is estimated to take about two weeks, weather permitting.
Ward 1
Square 2664, bound by Clifton Street NW, Euclid Street NW, University Place NW and 14th Street NW
Ward 2
Square 1209, bound by 30th Street NW, 31st Street NW, N Street NW and M Street NW
Square 0194, Q Street NW, 16th Street NW, Church Street NW and 15th Street NW
Square 0339, bound by O Street NW, 11th Street NW, 10th Street NW and N Street NW
Ward 6
Square 4510, bound by 16th Street NE, Benning Road NE, 17th Street NE and Gales Street NE
Contact Information
For more information about the latest DDOT happenings, follow us on Twitter and Instagram; like us on Facebook; or visit the website at or DDOT’s blog, d.delivers.  
For media inquiries, please call (202) 465-6112. For constituent inquiries, please call (202) 671-2700 or click here to find contact information for DDOT's community engagement specialists. 

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?


I’ve seen the evidence of DPW leaf collection on 34th St but there has been no action whatsoever on our street or smaller side streets. I’m also in section C.

Amanda on Macomb (b/w 34th and Connecticut)

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

David & Sarah Ensign

No pickup on Cortland Pl., which was supposed to be done by 11/28.
David & Sarah Ensign 

Participants needed for dog research study

Megan Draheim

Hi, neighbors,

A friend of mine is doing her doctoral research on dog behavior and communication, and is looking for people to participate. Participation is easy, only takes 15-20 minutes, and just requires a cell phone that can take video and a dog friend. Check it out at:, or email DogFaceStudy@... for more information! It's a fun citizen science project.
Porter St.

ISO horizontal storage for collages, paintings, drawings

Barbara Kraft

I'm looking for ideas for storage of works on paper in acrylic, pastel, collage, etc. Most work is 40" wide or less.  
If you have storage cabinets you're no longer using, could you let me know if you'd part with them, and what you'd charge for them? 


Barbara on Upton 

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?


Also, do leaves have to be bagged this year?

Editor's note: DPW initially announced (Oct 3 - see message  ] that leaves would need to be bagged but there was such an outcry that they reversed the decision a few weeks later [November 1, Message . Here's the announcement from DPW about the resumption of the vacuum leaf program for un-bagged leaves:

Sunday, November 1, 2020
The District Announces Resumption of Vacuum Leaf Program Leaf Season Begins November 9; Paper Bags No Longer Required

The DC Department of Public Works (DPW) announced today that the agency will resume its vacuum leaf program when it begins its 2020 leaf collection campaign on Monday, November 9. When the leaf collection campaign was launched, District households serviced by DPW were asked to rake leaves into paper bags. Paper bags are no longer required for collection. Starting today, residents are asked to rake their leaves, for collection, to the curb or into the tree box at the front of the residence. To help ease the vacuum process, residents are also asked to keep vehicles away from the curb lanes on scheduled collection days
The bagged leaf collection program was intended to minimize collection crews’ exposure to COVID-19 and encourage composting. Resuming the vacuum collection program will help simplify composting operations and maximize employment opportunities. To continue to ensure our crews’ safety, they will be required to wear masks, practice social distancing and hand wash and hand sanitize frequently. Vehicles and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. Additional vehicles will also be used to shuttle crews to ensure social distance compliance.  
Residents who may have already received the District-provided paper bags should keep them and use them for yard waste or other needs.  Residents who choose to bag their leaves are reminded that they will be collected on their scheduled leaf collection day. 
Collections will still occur twice in each neighborhood, this year between November 9, 2020 and January 30, 2021. DPW collections schedules will remain the same. Schedules and frequently asked questions can be found at .  
Tips for Preparing Leaves for Leaf Vacuum
  • Check the DPW website to confirm your area’s leaf collection dates;
  • Move vehicles from curb lanes to help ease the leaf vacuum collection process;
  • Rake leaves to the curbside or tree box at the front of the residence the Sunday before the scheduled leaf collection date;
  • Remove all cans, bottles, sticks, toys and debris from your piles of leaves. These items can damage equipment and prevent safe and proper collection;
  • Download MyDPW app to receive customized alerts about leaf collection in your neighborhood;
  • Call 311 (202-737-4404) or visit to open a “Leaf Season Collection” service request, but please wait until the last day of the designated collection in your neighborhood.

    This announcement is available on the web at:  
- original message -
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.   

Christmas Tree Sale and Fundraiser for Eaton Elementary

Michelle Charter

Join us for Eaton's annual Christmas Tree Sale and Fundraiser where we will have trees, tabletop trees, wreaths and garland. This year we will be providing safe curbside pickup along with Eaton masks and a fun raffle. Please spread the holiday cheer while supporting our kids at Eaton Elementary.
Checkout our first ever Wintermarket (this Saturday only from 10am to 2pm) with holiday gifts and a crafts table for kids. 

3373 Van Ness, NW at UDC Cottages (our temporary home)
December 5/6 and 12/13
Saturdays from 10am to 4pm
Sundays from 11am to 4pm
Please be sure to wear a mask and socially distance.
Thank you for your continued support,

Eaton Elementary Home & School Association

Re: ISO advice on switch to Kaiser Advantage DC - and ISO Kaiser Primary Care Physician recommendation

Sally Pessin

If you are a Federal Annuitant, it is an easier decision because you can temporarily suspend your FEHB enrollment and the following year, switching back is seamless. My understanding is that if you not a Federal Annuitant, you will be subject to underwriting if you want to switch plans. The Washington Consumer's Checkbook has an excellent Guide to Health Plans for Federal Employees that you can get online and in hard copy. The online version has some excellent comparison tools.  You get a 20% discount if you are a NARFE member.

Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
Bethesda Financial Counseling -- Reasonable Hourly Fees Only

Re: ISO advice on best document scanner for newspaper pages

Chuck Stark

There are a few options. For starters, the largest flatbed scanners readily available will scan up to 11x17 inches. Epson has three scanners with a bed this size, the DS-5000 and two XL12000 models: I have an XL10000 model, the predecessor of the XL12000, and it is excellent.
Even these scanners, however, will be too small to scan a full 1930s newspaper page in one go. You will still have to use stitching software to piece multiple scans together. There are many programs that will do this. Peter Belenky suggested one [see message    ]. I use Photoshop for this purpose. The advantage of a large format (11x17) scanner is that it will require fewer scans per page. How big an advantage this is depends, of course, on how many pages you want to scan.  If this isn't an issue for you, any scanner will do the job.

You can get scanners that will scan larger documents, but these are specialized and very expensive. See, e.g., those made by Contex: 

If you do decide to buy a large format scanner and its price is an issue, you might consider looking for a used one on eBay or Craigslist. (I found mine on Craigslist.)

Another possibility is to take your pages to a FedEx store or similar place that provides large document scanning services. See, e.g.,  The price per page is high, but depending on how many pages you have to scan it might be a more economical alternative to buying your own scanner.   

Here's an additional alternative.  You could photograph rather than scan your pages. Simply tape or pin your pages to a wall, a piece of foamcore board, or some such, set your camera on a tripod, set up some sort of light, and photograph away.  I'd suggest a camera of at least 24 megapixel resolution, which would give you the rough equivalent of 300 pixel/inch scan resolution.  If you want to do this more elaborately, you could lay the pages on a flat surface, lay a sheet of non-reflective glass over them, and get a tripod or copy stand that would hold your camera facing downward.  

I hope this is helpful.
Chuck Stark
Woodley Park

Range to give away (one burner doesn't work, everything else does) #free

a balazs

The front, small burner on my electric range isn't working and is expensive to repair. I'm giving it away.
Everything else is working fine and the stove is 5.5 years old and in good condition. 

My new stove is being delivered 17th December. I would love the old stove to go a good home! I live at 7th & E NW.

This is the stove: LDE3037ST

Thanks - 
Antonia Balazs
antonia dot balazs @ gmail dot com

ISO 5/5T boys clothes

Farrah Freis

Hi all--

Before I buy new, does anyone have good condition fall/winter boys clothes in 5/5T (or 4T pants that don't run small) that they're ready to part with? My son seems to have had a crazy growth spurt mid-season. I'm looking mostly for play clothes, stain-free (and the boy loves corduroys). Happy to pay. 
Many thanks and hoping everyone is staying safe!

Free and FS: dining table, vintage chair, shoe trees, rag rug, crock pot, Chinese lamps, ironstone platter, etc. #free #forsale #furniture

judith shapiro

Still rearranging, thanks to spending more time at home!

- basket of vintage shoe trees (for small man or big woman)
- NEW EuroPro crock pot, never used
- rag rug
- Clean, as new pink throw blanket or shawl
- Large oval fancy tablecloth with padded edges

For sale:
- Handmade wooden table with drop leaves, made for my husband's parents, opens to 4 feet x 6 feet.  Some water damage to surface  Asking $150
- Two Chinese table lamps $25 each
- Antique white Ironstone platter by James Edwards $10
- Redoute print of an amaryllis flower, nicely framed $20
- Antique blue spindle chair (legs have been sawed off so it is for a small person) $20

Pick up on Cathedral south of the Zoo. Hope you see something you like!

Kitten not included.

Judy Shapiro

Pleiades Art Jewelry Virtual Exhibition and Sale Now Through Jan 31 #artshow #shoplocal #art #jewelry #shopping


The Pleiades Art Jewelry group is pleased to announce its first ever Virtual Exhibition and Sale, currently live on line running through January 31, 2021. This is the 35th year of the event, which usually takes place at The Mansion at 
The event showcases a collection of jewelry and metalwork with an exceptionally wide range of designs incorporating diverse techniques and materials. All designs are original, and hand crafted by the exhibiting artists.

Click here to shop from the 
curated group of artists Pleiades Art Jewelry

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Meghan Kowalski

I've seen the vacuum trucks out and about (particularly along Reno) this week.


- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works. 

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Bruce Maliken

I just saw them on Cumberland and Davenport Streets. 

Bruce Maliken

(240) 475-4193 

- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.  

Re: Leaf collection program - any activity?

Mustafa Bahar

They are here this morning - Brandywine and Connecticut 
Mustafa on Brandywine 

- original message - 
It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.

Re: ISO advice on best document scanner for newspaper pages

Carol Grigsby

After looking hard for a large enough flatbed to scan old large-size mimeographed letters, newspaper articles and such, I settled on a handheld Iris:

They advertise these for scanning books but I don’t think they work as well for those – very good for scanning delicate, larger items though..

Good luck



Ellicott St NW

ISO Pediatric Dermatologist

Christopher Backley


Can anyone please recommend a pediatric dermatologist? Ideally someone close to Cleveland Park?



Leaf collection program - any activity?

GLENN bass

It's well beyond our scheduled leaf collection pick up date, so I was wondering if anyone has noticed any Cleveland Park leaf collection activity by DC Public Works.

Glenn - Pick up zone 3C

Editor's note: You can find the DPW announcement with the leaf collections schedule, PDF brochures, and interactive map at Message 

Tonight is the Deadline - Serve as a Ward 3 Dems At-Large Delegate

William P Thomas

Calling all Ward 3 Democrats - 
I just want to send a friendly reminder that today is the last day to become a Ward 3 Democrat at-large delegate. Please use the link below if you have not signed up to stay involved in your local party. The self-nomination form closes at 10:00 PM today.

You will be notified via email after the link closes on December 4 with a Ward 3 Delegate Welcome Kit.  You will not need to participate in a virtual election meeting allocated by our by-laws.  

If an interested person doesn't have an email address or internet access, you can notify me of their candidacy by telephone at 202-262-0606 within the specified timeframe.
We hope you will sign up to serve our community.

Phil Thomas
Chair, Ward 3 Democrats  

28501 - 28520 of 195372