Voting for At-Large Member of the DC Council: seeking a diversity of voices

Helen Qubain

Hello neighbors,

My partner Harry and I have not voted yet as we have been watching the three debates hosted by the DC Office of Campaign Finance for At-Large Member of Council. I highly recommend watching the debates on YouTube:

Harry and I wish we had more than two votes. We are so impressed with the quality of the candidates!  It is very hard to narrow it down to two from the 24. In the end, I am basing my vote on diversity of opinion. Each Ward has its representative. The At-Large Member should be someone who represents broader swaths and bigger interests than a ward Member. There are many unrepresented voices in the city.  According to the website DCist, the DC Home Charter Rule states that only one At-Large seat can be held by a member of the majority party – Democrat. The current Council is comprised of all Democrats and two Independents. Of the current 24 candidates, I believe 21 are actually Democrats running as Independents. 

There is no doubt that true Democratic candidates such as Marcus Goodwin or Ed Lazere are qualified, but they seem to me to be really Democrats who've adopted the label of Independents for purposes of the election. There are only three true non-Democrats running: 

·  Marya Pickering, Republican

·  Ann Wilcox, Green Party 

·  and one other I can’t identify

[Editor's note: The other candidate who listed a party affiliation is
Joe Bishop-Henchman, Libertarian Party. You can see all the candidates listed with their party affiliation on the Ward 3 sample ballot, available here: ] 

For this reason, I am voting for Marya Pickering who is the only Republican candidate of the 24. (I want to disclose that I have been casually acquainted with Marya for years and personally like her.) If you listen to her answers in the debate (she is in the third debate), she has more specific and concrete answers than most of the competing candidates to most questions. She has researched the issues and is clearly qualified.  When you talk to her, you learn that she's interested in spending the City's revenues wisely, and would keep a hawk's eye on wasteful contracts. There are many Republicans in the city and they ought to have a voice on the Council, but really DC partisan politics isn't (fortunately) like we see at the national level. If you listen to Marya Pickering in the debates, she approaches the issues with a unique but researched perspective (she quotes a lot of facts and figures). Unsurprisingly, Marya has been endorsed by the DC Republican Party.  

An interesting anecdote: Harry was at his physical therapy office last week and two people on each side of him had already voted for Marya. They aren't Republicans but felt they should have a voice. These are highly charged and divisive times, but can we at least agree that America benefits when opposing sides listen to one another? 

I am still undecided as to my second choice as there are so many good candidates.

·   In the debates I learned from the candidates that there has never been a Latino / Latina on the Council. So I am considering: 

·   Franklin Garcia (in the first debate)

·   Alexander Padro (in the third debate)

·   Jeanné Lewis (who is in the first debate) mentioned that no one from her part of town has been on the Council for 10 years. I haven’t been able to figure out which part of town she is referring to as all Wards have their own representatives, but it has made me research and contemplate the question of how represented neighborhoods are / feel. 

I am glad so many qualified people are engaged and running. I wish we could vote for more than two. This bodes well for the City's future. Thanks to them all!

Helen Qubain
Albemarle Street

P.S.  The thoughts in this email are my own and not Harry's or anyone else's. 

Re: ISO Dryer Service

Jennifer Duffy

I highly recommend ALCO Appliance. I had them repair my GE dryer over the summer. Have your serial number ready if you call for an appointment 

- original message -
We have a GE Dryer and I think it needs a new belt. I have been unhappy with GE Factory Service - very expensive.
I would appreciate any recommendations. 

Sauleh for ANC 3C05

Sauleh Siddiqui

Hi Everyone,
Campaigning to represent you has reinforced what I love about this neighborhood. My regret is that COVID made it harder to meet more of you. But all of the conversations I have had in the last few months have meant a lot, and regardless if people have agreed with me or not, I know that we all passionately care about our community. And I know all of us want to do our best to make it better.
I hope that I have earned your vote this time around. If I haven't, I hope that I can continue our conversations and work together to make this neighborhood a better place. And if you are still on the fence, please do reach out to me so I can tell you about my vision for our neighborhood and visit to read through my answers to surveys, watch my campaign video, and hear what others have to say about me.
Thank you all for listening to what I had to say over the last few months and sharing with me what you love and are concerned about in our neighborhood.

Need tutoring or babysitting over Winter break?

Aviv Roskes

Hey neighbors!
My name is Aviv Roskes and I am currently a freshman at Vanderbilt University. I will be back home from November 22nd to January 20th for winter break. I would like to offer my babysitting services, as well as tutoring for math, physics, and SAT prep. I have tutoring experience with ages 10 to 17, and I've babysat for all ages. 
Please contact me at avivroskes@... [avivroskes @ gmail dot com] to discuss rates and any other questions you may have. 
Thank you!

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

Our wonderful housekeeper Helga is available


Our wonderful housekeeper, Helga Montcinos, has some time free. I cannot recommend her highly enough for housework, ironing, laundry and party help. She can help with everything! She has her own car, always wears a mask, has impeccable habits, is supremely helpful and is also a wonderful warm presence in our home. And she  is great with pets!
Her cell phone is: 703-405-0800
Or you can call me:
Mary Edsall
19 2nd St NE
Washington DC 20002

ISO Dryer Service

Peter Weber

We have a GE Dryer and I think it needs a new belt. I have been unhappy with GE Factory Service - very expensive.
I would appreciate any recommendations.

Thank you.

ISO outdoor space heater to borrow for Wednesday evening

Judy Kopff

Does anyone have an outdoor space heater that I may borrow for less than 24 hours for us to use on Wednesday evening, November 4?  
I could pick it up on Wednesday afternoon and return it on Thursday. 
Please contact me directly at JKOPFF at AOL dot COM.  Thanks very much.

Judy Kopff

2939 Newark St., NW
Home landline:  202-363-0073

Free wood pallets #free

CG Wheeler

2 wood pallets, sturdy, free! On the curb at 3730 Fordham Rd NW.

CG Wheeler
caitabaita @ yahoo dot com 

Election Night Survival Bundles

Mark Handwerger

There's still time to get your order in before midnight tonight (Monday)!!!

From your devoted friends at the Board Room, here's a great way to support a small local business as well as yourself during these times.
Election Night Bundles are now available with delivery available Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (just order by midnight Monday).  These also make great gifts, especially for those who feeling distanced and isolated.  Maybe get one for yourself and send one to a friend and you can zoom-toast as the results come in?
Each $60 bundle includes delivery, 3 giant homemade chocolate chip cookies, 2 classic salty snacks and your choice of any 2 of the following:

- bottle of Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, Pinot noir, Merlot or Chardonnay
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Neighborhood Comings and Goings


Hello neighbors….here is the latest installment of your 
Cleveland Park Market Update, a dynamic way to stay informed about which homes are selling in our neighborhood.
Click the link below to see and explore all the Cleveland Park real estate market activity during the past month.
If you are buying or selling, or simply have questions about the current market, I’d be happy to speak with you. Call me anytime at 202-330-2275.

Tricia Messerschmitt
tmess@... [tmess @ compass dot com]

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Re: Thank you all for a wonderful Halloween

Jessica Leader

Hearty agreement from your new neighbors on Yuma Street! I was so touched by the innovative means of candy delivery on Veazey and Windom and 36th, and all the neighbors who laid out candy for passers-by. I felt like I was in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, where the Who's had Christmas with no Christmas at all. Thanks to everyone for taking a chance on Halloween and making it magical.


Re: Devonshire police activity Sunday afternoon


I had an alert from my Ring community app that there was an armed robbery at Connecticut and Devonshire, but no other information was provided. Sometimes the Secret Service is part of the investigation if the crime involves devices or electronic systems that affect banking or the internet. Robbery of an ATM would be an example.

Amanda on Macomb

- previous message -
We live on Devonshire Place and no one seems to have info as to what this was about. The action included both DC police and secret service. Quite the mystery.

ISO suggestions on how to return found keys #lostandfound


CP Community,

I write to ask for your help.

Some time ago, I found a set of keys They had been dropped in the grass at the curbside along Connecticut Ave, just opposite side of the avenue from Tilden Gardens.

No car keys on the ring. There is what appears to be at least one mailbox key, another small key, as well as 4 other keys, on a plain chrome key ring. No loyalty cards attached. Probably the keys of an apartment dweller.

Also, there is a small, brown plastic ‘movie character’ figure attached to the key ring. (The movie character is the way they can be ID’d to me, to confirm the owner)

As I would certainly hope that, if they were mine someone who found them would attempt to return them to me, I would like to make one last attempt to return them to their owner.

Other than posting here (done 2x, already), I am hoping for some crowd-sourced suggestions on other ways to find the owner & return the lost keys.

Any suggestions or ideas for this ‘last ditch’ effort would be greatly appreciated.


Connecticut Ave & Porter St
iisentaku @ gmail dot com

Re: Devonshire police activity Sunday afternoon

Brian Twersky <brian.twersky@...>

This is a different occurrence [from the incident reported in message #   , which my building management has emailed about. I live at 3000 Connecticut and this seems to have happened in the back parking lot just one night after the carjacking that had a response from secret service 

- Brian

- previous message -
This was reported by MPD:  
PSA 204
CCN 20156530
RPT DATE Nov 1, 2020 11:02:17 PM
METHOD Robbery
LOCATION Parking/ Drop Lot/ Garage
START DT Nov 1, 2020 9:31:20 PM
END DT Nov 1, 2020 9:32:33 PM
The victim parked her vehicle in the rear of the 3000 Block of Connecticut Avenue NW. After parking her car the suspect approached the victim from behind, displayed a handgun and demanded her property. The suspect is described as a Black Male, 15-18 years old, 5”5 in height, 110-140 pounds, wearing a black hoodie.  

-previous message -
We live on Devonshire Place and no one seems to have info as to what this was about. The action included both DC police and secret service. Quite the mystery.

PRIVATE STATIC (not flying!) TRAPEZE CLASSES FOR CHILDREN AGES 6-12 #activity #children #services

Laurie Wingate

I am offering 30 or 45 minute private static trapeze classes in my backyard on Newark Street. We have the full static trapeze rig. I have been trained in circus arts at the Trapeze School of New York and spend summers training in Vermont with Circus Smirkus. 

  • Prices for lessons are $12 for 30 minutes or $17 for 45 minutes.

  • Classes are available on weekends and after school.

  • I am taking all precautions to make classes COVID safe -- all classes are outside, instructor and student will always be masked, equipment sanitized between lessons.

  • Text or call me at 202-702-1223.

I look forward to introducing your child to the trapeze.


(Posted by L. Wingate for my daughter, Nell)

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Re: ISO house cleaning person #cleaning

Andrea Bosch

Highly recommend Vicki, who ha been cleaning my house for ages. She can come with or without her friend Patty. Vicki's number is (202) 210-1422.


Re: ISO house cleaning person #cleaning

Helen Qubain

Hi Mitchell,
I highly recommend my cleaning person Gloria 703-869-8530. She usually comes with another woman Merilit but can work solo. She has cleaned for my partner Harry for many years before we lived together and now cleans for us.
Good luck,
Helen Qubain
hqubain at gmail dot com

Re: ISO house cleaning person #cleaning

Juliet Eilperin

I highly recommend Lucia Margarita Begazo, who is a lovely, reliable and responsible person. I've known her and her family for 15 years, and she also works for others in the area. Her cell phone number is 301-529-3399.


Re: Thank you all for a wonderful Halloween

Brinkley Tappan

Agree! I was worried that Halloween would be a bust for my boys (ages 8 and 11), but they declared it “best Halloween ever” thanks to the generosity and creativity of so many neighbors. We loved all of the “candy clotheslines,” “candy chutes,” and amazing decorations we saw. My only regret is the “starter candy” I gave them for their bags, out of concern there would be no other candy. Boy was I wrong! I might need to repossess a few Snickers...

Thank you to all of our wonderful neighbors!

Macomb Street

- previous message -
I want to echo Michelle and Emilia. My three-year-old was so excited to show off her astronaut costume to our Porter St. neighbors, who were so sweet to her and chatted and connected with her from their stoops, and she went to sleep exhausted and elated. She didn’t even want to eat any candy after all that(!)—she just loved the neighborly connection, and so did I. After a crazy year of disruption, I am so grateful to whomever set up the Halloween “parade” this year—thank you so much for creating a bright spot during a very tough time!

Re: Devonshire police activity Sunday afternoon

Mark Rosenman

This was reported by MPD:  






Nov 1, 2020 11:02:17 PM








Parking/ Drop Lot/ Garage


Nov 1, 2020 9:31:20 PM


Nov 1, 2020 9:32:33 PM


The victim parked her vehicle in the rear of the 3000 Block of Connecticut Avenue NW. After parking her car the suspect approached the victim from behind, displayed a handgun and demanded her property. The suspect is described as a Black Male, 15-18 years old, 5”5 in height, 110-140 pounds, wearing a black hoodie.  

Mark Rosenman

-previous message -
We live on Devonshire Place and no one seems to have info as to what this was about. The action included both DC police and secret service. Quite the mystery.

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