Re: ISO recommendations for someone to help me set up computer and printer/scanner

Betty Sinowitz

I also recommend Justin Polin [justin.polin@... - justin.polin @ gmail dot com, 240-383-0239]. He installed Windows 10 on my Windows 7 computer, fixed my printer, and installed a new router. He has helped with countless questions I've presented. He has come up with the least costly solutions.
Betty Sinowitz
Cathedral Avenue
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I highly recommend Justin Polin, who has done wonders for me and the internet, about which I know next to nothing. And he set up both my computer and my printer, while vastly improving my basic internet router.  Plus, he is a very nice guy to work with---and reasonably priced. [snip]

Re: ISO frame maker

larry s. enten

If you're looking for a framer in the neighborhood, I'm very  happy to recommend my wife, Judy. 

Judy has been providing custom framing for folks in the area for over 35 years, helping 100's of friends and customers along the way. She has a keen eye for design, you'll definitely enjoy meeting and working together!

Appointments at your convenience.

Her contact information is below:

Judy Schlosser 
Email: pstreetpix@... [pstreetpix @ gmail dot com]

Larry Enten 
Larry S Enten

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Free: Folding Table, Round 60" Table Top #free

Anne Large

Giving away a folding table and a table top.
Rectangular folding table. Sturdy, but laminate is peeling off sides (secured with tape). Works great with a table cloth thrown over it.
Dimensions: 48"L x 24"W x 29.5"H
60" round wood table top. This can be put on top of a round or square folding table, allowing you to seat 8-10 people comfortably. Table top is heavy and secure when put on top of folding table. It is painted plywood, so works best with tablecloth. Helpful for the day when we can, once again, host parties.
Porch pickup. Please let me know if you're interested.
Anne Large
Macomb Street

ISO recommendations for HVAC annual program

Kathleen D McLynn

Hi Neighbors,

We are shopping for an HVAC company because we were underwhelmed by the company that bought our previous company. We prefer being on an annual program.

Fortunately, knock on wood, our system is running fine, just planning ahead.

Many thanks,
Albemarle St., NW

Re: ISO recommendations for someone to help me set up computer and printer/scanner

Mindy Reiser

Dear Michael:

I highly recommend Anthony Rozeh to give you all the technical assistance you need in all matters computer. Anthony has been extraordinarily helpful to me and has as his priority to work with those who call upon him to address all their questions and concerns regarding IT and the challenges it may pose for them.

You can reach Anthony at: AnthonyRozeh@... - telephone 202-751-8779.

Do tell him that I suggested you call him.

Mindy Reiser

Do you have items for DC Bulk pickup? Space available on 8/31

Lynne Mersfelder-Lewis


Please let me know if you have a bulk item you want to leave with me for pick up on Mon, 8/31 - I have space for 7 total items. We already disposed of our items at the DC dump so there's space for the first 7 responses. 

There's strict rules on what is / isn't allowed & DC requires packaging some items in plastic - mattresses, glass - please see DC website for specifics. Please write me offline with your item and request. I'll provide drop off details until it's full. You should plan to drop off your item to me (in my alley) early on Monday morning. I'm not able to do pickup. 

Lynne (dot) Mersfelder @

ISO Morning Childcare Help #babysitting #childcare

Allison Johnson

We are looking for temporary part-time childcare help for our 4.5 year old twin boys. They have some virtual pre-k activities in the morning but also love excursions to neighborhood parks and visiting the elephants and cheetahs at the zoo. In addition to the twins, we have a 13 year old rising eighth grader and two friendly dogs. We live in Woodley Park. This is a temporary position at the moment through the end of September with the possibility of additional work beyond October 1st. Hours are roughly 8:30-1 Monday through Friday starting as soon as possible. 

If interested please email Allison at allisonmjohnson @ mac dot com or text me at 702-353-9701


Re: ISO recommendations for someone to help me set up computer and printer/scanner

Jim A

Michael Casson is great. He has helped and solved computer issues for me many times.


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ComputerRoo also, who is Michael Casson, a Cleveland Park resident, and specialist. He has helped me, another neophyte, numerous times!

Re: It's better without a landline

Bill Lenderking

We get robo calls all the time. My landline, now considered a relic of the past, is far superior to my cell phone in clarity. I have a hearing disability and the huge difference is substantial.

Bill L.

- from previous message -
I will never give up my land line. The reception is better, and in the event of an electrical outage or emergency, the cell will not be chargeable.

Re: Scamming phone calls threatening "legal action"


Whenever I accidentally pick up such a call (I usually let all calls on my land line go to voicemail) rather than answer in any way, I take my thumbs and hold down two numbers on my phone This creates a terrible squeal at the other end.  I’m assuming that many of these calls are auto-dialed spam calls so I don’t know what they do with the squeal. I’m hoping my number gets removed from the auto-dial list. 
I especially like “squealing" at the nice lady who tries to coax  me into saying: yes"Hello, this is Gloria, can you hear me? Can you hear me?” Now, my sister-in-law is named Gloria but she doesn’t sound bit like this throaty professional-sounding Gloria. I would fall off my chair if my sister-in-law ever called, she would email …or tell her husband to call his brother.

~Eleanor O.  

Re: Scamming phone calls threatening "legal action"

James Linde

What is nervewracking to me is they are calling my work number but I have been teleworking from home for 5 months, so those calls are forwarded to a cell phone. I am also expecting calls related to work so I have to answer. I told one of these scammers that I will be sending someone to their office. 


- previous message - 
Yes, I have listened to recordings on my voice mail telling me that there is an arrest warrant for me on money laundering charges and others that are giving me 24-hour notice for auto debits of outrageous amounts of money for virus software in some cases and for some unidentified product in other cases. I have also continued to get the usual calls allegedly from PEPCO, student loan consolidators, and companies offering three-month rebates on something or other because of my great record of paying my bills on time. What is interesting is that some of these messages seem to find their way to my voice mail after NOMOROBO or my other spam blockers have sent them into the ether and the phone hasn't actually rung.

Re: It's better without a landline

Betty Sinowitz

I get those calls on both my Smart Phone and my land line. I never pick up any calls unless I recognize the name of the caller.

I will never give up my land line. The reception is better, and in the event of an electrical outage or emergency, the cell will not be chargeable.

Cathedral Avenue
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Are these calls on your landline or cell phone?
I used to get dozens of calls/messages on my landline. I cancelled it a couple of months ago, and don’t miss it. I get maybe one spam call/day on my cell. [snip]

Free Pleather club chairs for pick up #free


Hi, all-

I’m moving out of my apartment and my new place doesn’t have room for my two black club chairs (bought in January). They’re on Amazon as “Yaheetech accent chairs.” Free!!
Pick up tonight or tomorrow after 6.


Wisconsin and Macomb
bgpsk8 @ yahoo dot com

Re: Scamming phone calls threatening "legal action"

Paul Warren

If you enjoy podcasts, one of the most fascinating podcast episodes you will ever listen to is this episode where the host, Alex Goldman, follows through on a spam phone call and traces it to the source. Hint: Episode involves long distance travel.

Reply All from Gimlet Media, Episode 102 – "Long Distance"



Warren St.

ISO Resume Editor

Kathryn Harris

I am looking for someone to edit a resume for a position in Adult Education. 
I can be reached at writingsbyKathryn@... [writingsbykathryn @ gmail dot com].
Thank you.
Kathryn L. Harris
Howard University Alumna
Author: 90 Percent:  A Memoir of My Demise and Rise

Re: It's better without a landline (was: Scamming phone calls threatening "legal action")

Eric Weinstein

YouMail blocks all calls and alerts you as to who called giving them a chance to leave a message. Our home phone no longer rings. And it’s free.

Eric Weinstein

- previous message -
We get them on both the landline and the cell phone. More on the cell phone than on the landline, but they both get calls a lot. I block them using the app Call Filter which closes down the caller number that I refer to them, but the scammers just pick another number to call me which I then also report to Call Filter. It is an endless circle!

Re: ISO recommendations for someone to help me set up computer and printer/scanner

Stephanie Gerard

ComputerRoo also, who is Michael Casson, a Cleveland Park resident, and specialist. He has helped me, another neophyte, numerous times!


Free for pickup: Next Gen Serenity Crib #free

Kate Starr Evans

We got this (mini) crib a few weeks ago from someone in our condo building. However, since we're moving to the suburbs we're going to get a larger crib that converts to a toddler bed. It comes with a mattress and two sheets, and has sat unused for 3+ weeks. It looks like this: 
Pick up at Sedgwick and Connecticut 

katestarr31 @ gmail dot com 

FOUND: Dog in AU Park #lostandfound

Abby Himmelrich

A dog was found in a family’s backyard on Albemarle St in AU Park. The dog doesn’t have a collar but does have a flea collar and looks well taken care of. A photo is attached. Please email me at Abby.himmelrich@... if you know the dog’s owner. 
Abby Himmelrich 
abby.himmelrich @ gmail dot com

Reading Instruction Available for Struggling Readers and Students with Dyslexia #tutoring


I would love to help your child become a better reader and writer, with 1-on-1 online instruction for struggling readers and students with dyslexia. I have a master's degree in Special Education and am Orton-Gillingham trained, and my specialty is teaching dyslexic students to read. I generally work with students from kindergarten through 5th grade, but this type of instruction really works for students of all ages and at all stages in their reading development. It won't conflict with what they're being taught in school, in fact it will help them in English class - and I'm happy to talk to your child's teacher, to make sure we're all on the same page.
This is my second career. I was a lawyer for Fannie Mae for 25 years, and raised my 3 boys here in DC. I've been trained by a professor with a PhD in dyslexia, a reading specialist who trains teachers and school districts around the country on the science of reading, and the Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (Orton-Gillingham). The part I enjoy the most is watching children's faces light up as they realize they can do this!.
Please contact me at Danifeld2010@... [Danifield2010 @ gmail dot com] for more information.
Daniela Feldhausen

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

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