Some may call it socialism, but...

Ron Lehker <rjlehker@...>

...I call it good government!

That's what I felt when the owner of Cleveland Park's 
Transcendence-Perfection-Bliss of the Beyond - Toy Store told me that one of the contributing factors to her being able to endure the trauma of the Covid scourge was the DC Small Business Micro Grant that she, along with 7,000 other small business owners, received. What a marvelous example of the type of service that a caring government can provide. 

“Bliss” as it is affectionately known in the Cleveland Park neighborhood has for many years, made it possible for area residents to conveniently purchase fine quality toys, cards and other gift items. How grateful we should be that government leaders have helped keep small, serving businesses like hers alive.  

How important it is that we get beyond labels and look to leaders who will work to solve problems rather than cast blame.   

Ron Lehker

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Youth Personal Training #summerstressrelief #youthfitness


Reduce family stress and add more structure to your child's weekly schedule!

The Adaptive Movement Live Action Fitness program is growing thanks to happy parents spreading word of mouth. I can't thank all of you enough. 

Private, family, and small group personal training offered for your family. 

Small group classes for kids, teens, and advanced students. 5 spots/class where kids come together as a training squad. 

Outdoor training is offered mornings only in a semi-private location. All other sessions are online. 

Reach out to me to get started and we can set up an initial consultation to discuss your family's needs. 

Thanks for training, 
Coach Jason
MacArthur Blvd.
dellavalle.ja@... [dellavalle.ja @ gmail dot com]

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Thursday Budget update


Dear neighbors,

Chairman Mendelson appears to have responded to public pressure to not cut funding for violence interruption programs, rental assistance, mental-health treatment in schools, cash assistance for workers who are excluded from federal assistance, libraries and more. Civic engagement does work!

But his latest proposal includes a $4 million cut to non-school based mental health services. Because this program is matched with federal dollars, it constitutes a $8 million cut, in a time when stress levels are at a historic high due to the pandemic and economic crash. This is unconscionable.

Speak up before the vote TODAY (scheduled for 12:30pm): Click here to email your Councilmembers to urge them to NOT cut mental health funding. Our own Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh, as well as Councilmembers Grosso and Bonds, are key votes. It appears that Councilmembers Silverman and Robert White have committed to voting NO to budget cuts.

Potential sources of revenue include asking the wealthiest DC residents to pay more. The richest 2% of DC households, who take home almost one third of all income in the entire District of Columbia, got more than $300 million in the Trump tax cut in 2019 alone. Is it really asking too much to ask them to fund mental health programs?

I believe the overwhelming majority of Ward 3 residents have compassion and a sense of justice. Let us ask our Councilmembers to represent our values as they vote today.

Kesh Ladduwahetty
Van Ness Street

Local counseling practice is expanding & hiring! #career #wellness #uptown

Heidi Vanderwerff

Kennedy Counseling is a group therapy practice located in Brightwood-Petworth and is expanding into a new, larger, custom office space and we are hiring! Please share with anyone you know who may be an excellent fit for our unique and supportive workplace.

Heidi Vanderwerff, LICSW
Therapist & Co-owner
Kennedy Counseling Collective
502 Kennedy Street NW, Ste 2-A, Washington, DC 20011

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KCC Job Announcement (1).png


Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions

Burnt Orange

Agreed and thank you for the link to the order, Chuck. I had actually been wondering if it was inappropriate to go maskless when out walking my dog. I had also wondered if I was supposed to make a special effort to avoid briefly passing by someone within six feet. My interpretation of the order is that the answer to both of these questions is "no." I'd felt somewhat self-conscious about going maskless outside and infrequently quickly passing someone on the street. Now, I'll feel totally confident that my actions are consistent with city guidelines.


- from previous message -
[snip] Mayor Bowser's July 22 (today's) order as it applies to wearing a mask outdoors, subject to certain exceptions, says:
"Persons leaving their residences shall wear a mask when they are likely to come into contact with another person, such as being within six feet of another person for more than a fleeting time (underlining added)."

Re: ISO Physical therapist recommendation for ankle issues

Catherine Schwartzstein

Pivot Physical Therapy at 3508 Connecticut Ave (on the west side between Porter and Ordway) take BCBS. The phone number is 202-897-3890.
Van Ness

- original message -
Hi all, In the wake of a painful ankle sprain, I’d appreciate any recommendations for physical therapists who could help with strengthening/corrective exercises to prevent re-injury. I’m pretty sure under-pronation is part of the problem. Prefer providers who take BCBS insurance if possible.

Re: ISO Physical therapist recommendation for ankle issues

Marjorie Dick Stuart

My whole family has used Packy Kennelly, Spark Motion Physical Therapy. 5420 Butler Rd. In Bethesda, right over the DC line. He’s great, give him a call, (240) 460-8983.

Marjorie Dick Stuart
Top 1% in North America

Coldwell Banker

Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions

Christopher Backley

The best advice to follow what the mayor said:
“Basically it says, if you leave home, you should wear a mask,” Bowser said.
You never know when you might bump into someone else. Just wear a mask. 

- from previous message -
WTOP: Mayor Bowser issues new mask order for DC.   
Their article also lists all the exceptions which include vigorous exercise if maintaining adequate distance.

Re: Missing kitty (Shelby) is back home!

Brinkley Tappan

Thank you all our kind neighbors for helping us find Shelby! She is home and we are very excited for her reunion with our two boys who were beside themselves yesterday while she was out on her adventure. We really appreciate all the emails we received!


Re: Firehook Is Closing

Mary Cooper

Wonderful to see the old Roma. I remember it well and with great affection.

Mary Cooper

- previous message -

For all those who came to the neighborhood when Firehook was already here, you may be interested in this video, posted on the Popville blog, about the former long-time restaurant, The Roma (est. 1932), that was at that location until 1997. It starts off with the auction of all the safari-game trophies and furnishings that took place soon after the restaurant closed. For those who were here back then and used to dine at The Roma – here’s a strange trip backward in time!

An Extraordinary Cleveland Park Time Capsule Video Lamenting the Loss Firehook’s Predecessor: The Fall of the Roma by Jeff Krulik

Re: Firehook Is Closing...and Coppi's Organic, Too

Kathleen Gibbons

I am very sorry about Coppi’s and Firehook closing, but it is not a surprise that some of our businesses will not generate the revenues they need to continue. Even before the pandemic, some CP businesses did not seem robust. For the bars and restaurants, gyms and salons, it is devastating to suffer a loss of all or most income for months. We all know that.

My point in writing is that there are different reasons why specific businesses decide to close at a particular time—-not always the landlord or the developer. Maybe it’s a lease expiration, a repair, a loan rollover, costs of re-opening or restaffing. Or just that in Cleveland Park, we are recovering slowly with the Zoo closed until this Friday, schools closed, and with a sizable health focused community concerned about eating out, even outside. My understanding is that CP is recovering more slowly than some other areas in town.

I don’t have the knowledge to be an apologist or accuser of landlords, banks, or our businesses, or us, but it’s predictable that the pandemic and the consequent government restrictions to protect the community will accelerate and deepen the problems of consumer facing businesses. They run out of money. But some will make it and prosper. Good judgment from our federal and local governments in devising programs would help, as would our support.

The Cleveland Park Main Street effort has included evaluation of our businesses and the underlying ownership of property. The group is doing all possible to provide assistance with grants and such.  The link is

Kathy Gibbons 
3131 Connecticut Avenue 

Re: Firehook Is Closing

Margaret Lenzner

Firehook and its owner, Pierre Abushacra, have been wonderful neighborhood assets. Losing them is very sad, especially since Pierre was planning to expand into the next-door store (formerly Wake Up Little Susie). Like other businesses, Pierre sought a long-term lease that the landlord wouldn’t give him.

It's clear that some landlords are enticed by the possibility of redevelopment. “Smart Growth” advocates targeted the Cleveland Park commercial area for radical change that would be enabled by amendments to the Comprehensive Plan now before the City Council. If those amendments are adopted, our section of Connecticut Avenue could see new 90’ - 120’ tall buildings replacing the low-scale neighborhood shopping area that has served us so well. I fear that landlords, like Firehook’s, are willing to absorb rent loss for years, even to create a derelict strip of vacant storefronts, by betting on increased property value with up-zoning. It is not too late to challenge the amendments.

Margaret Lenzner

Re: ISO a contractor who can install double barn doors; ISO Contractor to install dishwasher and over-the-range microwave

Jeffrey Phelps

I recommend George at Atech Home Improvement. My family and I have been using him and his staff for years. He completed a whole house remodel for my mother last year and just completed a large job in Potomac. His name is George; his phone number is 571 226 0651; and email wecanfixit@...
He has always come in under budget and on time and guarantees his work. You will not be disappointed. 
Jeffrey Phelps
202 999 5695

- previous message -
We are in search of a reliable and trustworthy contractor with good experience in installing barn doors. We have a double barn door with hardware that needs to be installed in our condo. Any recommendations or references would be greatly appreciated! 

- previous message - 
I am looking to have a dishwasher and over range microwave installed in my condo. Any recommendations would be great.

ISO person to install tile in bathroom

Stephanie Ortoleva

Can anyone recommend someone to install tile in a bathroom? Efficiency and cleaning up each day is very important as well as timeliness of completing work.

Work to be done in Woodly Park Towers with work only between 8 am and 4 pm weekdays, as per condo building requirements.

Thank you.


Stephanie Ortoleva, Esq.

Skype: stephanieortoleva


Pronouns: she, her, hers

Re: ISO ophthalmologist

Beth Parkinson

I had a great experience with Dr. Mehta

Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions


Thank you for your clarification.

I actually find this reporter’s characterization of the order to be inaccurate and a cause for confusion in a political atmosphere where specificity is important. I would like to think the Washingtonian would make a correction in order to show its commitment to journalistic integrity and staying above the misinformation that seems to abound.

I’m so glad we live somewhere that mandates masks, but I’m also glad the regulation is reasonable and we are allowed to leave our homes without one, when safe to do so. 😊

Lee Ayres
Nebraska Ave

- previous message -
Thanks. What is the enforcement mechanism? A fine?
Editor's note: The Washingtonian article cited below did not include information about fines, but The Washington Post reports the following:
"John Falcicchio, the mayor’s chief of staff, said D.C. police will be empowered to fine people not wearing a mask, although the city expects such fines to be limited."
The full article is here:

- original message -
FYI: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions:
[go to if the long link above is broken during processing]

ISO Someone to Find Difficult Leak

Linda Stelzleni

I think I've seen one or two recommendations on this listserv in the past for a roofer who is very skilled at finding the source for a water leak. I searched the archives but could not locate any specific recommendations. Please let me know if you've used someone who was able to find and repair a mysterious leak. 
Thank you,
36th & Yuma
lindastelzleni @ gmail dot com 

Re: ISO: recommendations for nanny payroll services

Bosworth Dewey

I used Homework Solutions for my mother’s caregivers in CA. Ironically, i think they are based in Sterling or something. I can send my contact there offline if wanted. 
Good customer service and follow up. 
Bos Dewey
Ellicott St.
bosdewey @ gmail dot com 

- original message -
We are looking for a payroll service for our part-time sitter (15 hours/week), starting next week. Thus far, I've heard lukewarm reviews of Surepay, and I've heard good things about Poppins Payroll and NannyChex. We'd like a service that has excellent customer service, and that will process/pay all taxes for us (ideally without an additional fee to do so). We'd appreciate any recommendations (or warnings) from anyone who has experience with payroll services for domestic help. Many thanks!   

COVID-19 & Racism in the Black and Latino Communities; July 29, 7pm #covid19 #community

Dora Currea

Dear Neighbors,

The Racial Justice Task Force and the Sanctuary Ministry of the Washington National Cathedral invite you to a discussion about the impacts of COVID-19 on DCs Black and Latino communities. 
July 29 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Please register here to join this virtual meeting and learn more about our speakers.

Dora Currea
Co-Chair of the Washington National Cathedral Sanctuary Ministry

Re: ISO Physical therapist recommendation for ankle issues

Elizabeth Nightingale

Smart Therapy in Chevy Chase (Friendship Heights) is excellent - I go to Eric Liu who is fantastic (for plantar  fasciitis, but I am sure he is great for ankles too). 
Also his colleague Amy is excellent as well (my parents see her).

Elizabeth Nightingale 

- original message - 
Hi all, 
In the wake of a painful ankle sprain, I’d appreciate any recommendations for physical therapists who could help with strengthening/corrective exercises to prevent re-injury. I’m pretty sure under-pronation is part of the problem. Prefer providers who take BCBS insurance if possible.

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