Re: Physical distancing plus social solidarity and connection - how to create new social norms #coronavirus

Alan Schwartz <arsdc202@...>

Last week there was a posting about reckless behavior in the Whole Foods during the senior period (7:00-8:00am). 

I witnessed the same this morning. Virtually nobody in the store exercised any judgment about proximity to others.

I am pleading that we collectively and individually exercise prudent judgment when they are in places near others. This is not just the right thing to respect others, it is the right thing to protect ourselves. Our community is a diverse one, but we surely can share the need for everyone to maintain a safe (6 foot) distance. Please take care of yourself and others.

Except for walks in the park, my only outside contacts are getting groceries. We are not going to run out of food. But we will start seeing people dying. I don't want anyone to die because of careless behavior.

Alan Schwartz

Re: ISO Source for thermometer

E Boehler

As of two hours ago, the CVS on Wisconsin Ave, just north of E-W Highway in Bethesda has thermometers. They hold them at the checkout at the front of the store, so you need to ask for them. The checkout person said they still have plenty. They also keep their adult Tylenol there. (No gloves, TP or sanitizer, though)
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Maybe try Kensington Pharmacy 301-933-6165, Rodman’s (202) 363-3466, or other medical suppliers. Call first.

Re: ISO Spring yard cleanup - gardener helps out people who lost jobs

Katrina Brandon

My long-time gardener, Demetrio Gomez, (240-285-2903) works at American Plant, but does private work on evenings and weekends. He had some new guys this weekend hauling mulch bags, dirt, etc. and they are his relatives who have lost their restaurant jobs. Demetrio buys everything from American Plant, so you are supporting them. He found pallets for me and brought good dirt to make a pallet garden (google it - very cool if we are in this cornavirus thing for awhile). He is totally trustworthy, and I highly recommend him, and with an expanded crew he can get your yard looking nice quickly. He can come and give estimates for a one-off cleanup, aerating the yard and reseeding the grass, mulching, pruning, etc. Even though some of his guys are used to restaurant work, they have done yards and have buddied up.  He has also been patient and happy to move plants for me when I've changed the configuration of the garden over the past few years.

Contact me if any questions - katrinabrandon @ gmail dot com  


Re: Convert the Uptown to a hospital #uptown #coronavirus

Carol Grigsby

In the mayor’s press conference this morning she did indeed talk about pressing other spaces – as yet unidentified – into service in preparation for the medical surge. Also, FYI for anyone who wants to follow the impact of covid19 on DC residents with disabilities, Google “DDinWDC” to reach my blog,   

Carol Grigsby  

Re: Convert the Uptown to a hospital #uptown #coronavirus

Nye Stevens

An even more appropriate option would be to reopen the Washington Home at the corner of Upton and 36th. It has operated as a hospital/hospice for many years but is now empty. Sidwell owns it.

Nye Stevens
35th and Quebec

Re: Using linens or other materials to make masks (was: Misc Linens to Donate)

web26 data

I've seen a movement afoot about folks sewing masks to donate, using sheets. I can't speak to the quality of protection but it bears investigating.
Woodley Pl

Editor's note: Here's a report on research from Cambridge University on the relative effectiveness of various materials used in homemade masks:

Interestingly, both dish towels and cotton-blend T-shirts were a bit more effective in blocking germs than the anti-microbial pillow case. Double-layer masks were marginally more effective than single layer masks. The most effective material for a homemade mask was a vacuum cleaner bag -- but it was also rated more uncomfortable, with poorer breathability, compared to the double-layer masks made either of a cotton/blend T-shirt or the anti-microbial pillowcase -- which were still quite good at blocking viruses. (See:

Here are a few DIY instructional videos for homemade masks:
* Simple sewn double-layer cotton mask with pocket to insert filter material:
* Cotton mask lined with vacuum cleaner bag filtering material:
* No-sew (glue-gun) mask using AC filters, activated charcoal sheets, and a maxi-pad:

There are hundreds of these videos on the internet, and you can choose the one that suits your own needs and crafting abilities. If making masks to donate, please find out if there are specific instructions you need to follow for masks that fit the recipient institution's needs! You don't want to waste your time or theirs!

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I have a stack of linens to give away; mismatched sheets mostly but also some small rugs in good condition. Happy to provide street-side pickup for anyone already going to Martha's Table, animal shelter, etc.

Re: Physical distancing plus social solidarity and connection - how to create new social norms #coronavirus

Roslyn Beitler

Thanks a million for this important information. I need to go outside for my mental health and exercise, and I have requested people to move aside. You're probably preaching to the choir, but I certainly hope it helps!

Roz Beitler 

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Re: Physical distancing plus social solidarity and connection - how to create new social norms #coronavirus

Diana Dick <dhd4668@...>

Thank you very much. Yesterday walking along Connecticut Ave., I found that some people practiced social distancing, but some people seemed ignorant of it. As I walked very close to a wall for instance, a person walked quickly right inside my gap to the wall. I was disturbed as I looked ahead to the heart of Cleveland Park and saw many people close together. When I switched to side streets, I found the going much less traveled, and those people I passed left room and for the most part smiled. I also appreciated the quiet, beautiful trees and interesting architecture this way.

Thanks for your guidance,

Tilden St.

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Re: Physical distancing plus social solidarity and connection - how to create new social norms #coronavirus

Josh Foster

Thanks, Karen, for your observations and experiences.
I've actually noticed alot of different walking habits on sidewalks already from wide to narrow spaces...almost comical at times how folks now maneuver to keep distance (while also pretending they aren't doing it, and that doing so is 'normal') :-).  At narrow points I've experienced folks stepping aside to let each other pass or walking briefly in the street to increase distance. If passing close is the only option, I will turn my head or hold my breath briefly as I pass; or pull my scarf or handkerchief over my mouth and nose, if nothing else to signal I am trying to be aware and considerate. Dog walking also is amusing--where folks maneuver to allow the pooches to meet but keep their distance while still holding the leash. I acknowledge there's likely some risk Covid can get on dogs fur and get transferred to caretakers, so I practice washing my hands after dog handling, and washing dog more frequently.      

Josh Foster
M) 202-277-5643

Question: What is the “T” on houses in Chevy Chase DC?

Anna Husain

I took a walk yesterday and spotted at least a dozen houses with a big letter T on the front windows or door. This was around Jocelyn Street and Military Road  

Anyone know? Thanks!


Yesterday's Bagels -- 50% Off!!

Baked by Yael

Thank you to everyone who ordered from us this weekend. We honestly cannot tell you how much we appreciate it.
Unfortunately, the farmers' markets where we sell were not as successful as we'd hoped and a lot of bagels came back. (They were covered the entire time.)
We've bagged up the day old bagels and are selling them 6/bag and half off. Click here to order online and pick up in store or add a few more items to your cart and have them delivered.
Thank you!
Yael Krigman
Owner, Baked by Yael

Baked by Yael
3000 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
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Virtual Church Services for the Neighborhood

Rachel Hanson

Dear Neighbors,   

Although church services have been cancelled in many houses of worship across our area, there are still ways to participate in Christian Science church services from home!
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. ~ Ps. 46:1      

Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist (NW DC) has suspended in-person services, but we are hosting Wednesday testimony meetings online with GoToMeeting. 
You can join each Wednesday night at 8PM to hear selected readings on a current topic from the Holy Bible and our companion textbook for Christian healing, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, followed by "open mic" time for attendees to share testimonies of healing and inspiration that have come from their study and practice of Christian Science.
You can dial in using your phone (cell or landline).
United States: +1 (872) 240-3212
Access Code: 988-342-061  
Or join from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

If you have not used GoToMeeting on your device before, you will need to install the free app BEFORE the meeting begins.

The "Mother Church"
 (the First Church of Christ, Scientist) in Boston also has services on Sunday and Wednesday that you can listen to live, or via a playback at anytime that is convenient for you.
Sunday services air at 10 AM ET and the playback is available all week. 
Wednesday testimony meetings air at 2 PM ET and that playback is available until Friday morning. also has a page dedicated to healing articles, audio programs and news from the Christian Science Monitor about the novel coronavirus and contagion. And you can always find a Christian Science Practitioner to contact using this directory:

Christian Science practitioners dedicate their full-time to prayer and the practice of Christian Science healing. These professionals are not compensated by their churches but paid directly by those individuals employing them on a case by case basis. Feel free to discuss their fees with them before engaging their services. Anything shared with a practitioner is kept confidential.
Stay healthy and inspired, everyone!
Rachel Hanson
Sixth Church of Christ Scientist
4601 Mass. Ave. NW
Washington, DC

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Re: ISO kitten!

Amy Henderson

BRAVISSIMA!! PetMAC's Lori and Jan are the best, and have helped me adopt through PETS BRING JOY as well. Their PetMAC store (4914 Wis Ave) remains open and is stocked with healthy foods and toys.

- from previous message -
We just adopted 2 cute kittens through Lots of local animal groups/pet adoptions like Pet Mac put kitties up for adoption there. If you contact Lori and Jan at Pet Mac they are super helpful with trying to match you up with a great cat(s) and help you with all the supplies you need. [snip]  

Re: Interested in Neighborhood Virtual Discussion Group/Book Club?

Mustafa Bahar

Hi All, 
Thanks to everyone who completed the interest form for our neighborhood discussion group/book club. In my excitement about the idea, I neglected to add a way to collect your emails, so I don't know who you wonderful people are! (face palm) 
If you filled out the form, or if you are just now deciding that you would like to be part of this community-building exercise, please send me an email at mustafabahar@... [mustafabahar @ gmail dot com], and I will follow up with everyone off the listserv to continue our plans. 
So far, book club, politics and history are the leading subjects. 

On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 11:30 AM Mustafa Bahar mustafabahar@... wrote:
Hi Neighbors, 
While we're all doing our part to keep to keep ourselves and our community safe, we're probably also missing the stimulation of friendly engagement with that community. I'd be interested in arranging some kind of online weekly discussion group. This could be a book club, or it could focus on current events/politics (besides covid-19 maybe?), history, or anything else that's engaging to people. I have a Zoom subscription, so once we identify a group of participants, we can pick a day and time to meet and maintain our social connections. 
If you're interested, please complete this form to help me gauge what topics are most popular, and I'll be in touch!
Mustafa on Brandywine 

Re: ISO kitten!


Call/text Lori Rolnick at Petmac—202-494-7240 or email rezqumee@... [rezqumee @ gmail dot com]. She is great and will help you find the right cat for your needs. That said, I have no idea how the current state of affairs is affecting her work.


Free distance learning series for high school students -- How to College

David Goldberg

Hello Neighbors,
For those of us with high school students, we know this unexpected time at home is both a stressful transition and an opportunity to consider the college transition-- where unstructured time is the norm and self-motivation is key. 
Lara Schwartz of Woodley Place and one of the authors of How to College: What to Know Before You Go (And When You're There) is doing a 7-part series on the college transition on Instagram live.
The series begins on Monday, 3/23 at 3pm with an introduction to college readiness and using spring 2020 as a gut check for tough transitions.  
All sessions will be repeated at least once. Schedule TBD. All sessions are on instagram at @howtocollegeofficial 
We will announce the sessions on the How to College Facebook page as well.  
Facebook event for the first session:

All sessions are free and open to any high school student and no book purchase is required. We do encourage participants' families to contribute to an area food bank if they are able. 

Dave Goldberg
dgoldberg2@... [dgoldberg2 @ gmail dot com]

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Misc Linens to Donate


I have a stack of linens to give away; mismatched sheets mostly but also some small rugs in good condition. Happy to provide street-side pickup for anyone already going to Martha's Table, animal shelter, etc... 
Cathedral Ave
katebertram @ gmail dot com 

Physical distancing plus social solidarity and connection - how to create new social norms #coronavirus

Karen Heller Key

Good morning, neighbors -

A brief preface:  I've read extensively in the field of social psychology and follow the work of a Macarthur Genuis award winner, Dr. Betsy Levy Paluck (Princeton) whose work includes field work to change norms between people of Hutu and Tutsis in post genocide Rwanda - she is an expert on how social norms form AND how we can change them to reduce harmful behaviors. I've been thinking about her work in terms of how we can help ourselves and each other to truly embrace and use social distancing, which from here on our I'll call physical distancing + social connection and solidarity. It's urgently important that we help all of us to normalize keeping 6 feet apart.

Betsy Levy Paluck's work demonstrates that people change their behavior NOT first and foremost because of what they believe - though facts are of course important - in reality people change their behavior when they believe OTHER PEOPLE are doing so - as in 'this is just what Americans are doing right now" or "this is just what Washingtonians are doing right now." This means we MUST shift our behavior to reinforce it for ourselves and for each other.

My husband and I have been talking a walk or running every day and otherwise are home 23/7. When we run or walk on the trail in Rock Creek Park people are not maintaining 6 feet of distance, and that means we may stop using the trail, even though running or walking in nature has huge benefits. I truly believe people aren't doing this because the norm of 6 feet of separation (maybe a good repurposing of an old term?) hasn't really taken hold. When we're outside, we walk single file when anyone is nearby, and if people two or more abreast are coming toward us and don't shift, or are too close, we move. This is NOT because we're shunning them or afraid of them!  It's because we DO care about them and want us all to be safe and flatten the curve on this pandemic.

Here's what I implore our neighbors to do. When you're outside, make a lot of room for others and leave space that is two yardsticks long from anyone not in your household. If two or three or more people are out together because they're functioning as a household, walk single file when others are nearby. Stop, step off to the side - whatever it takes. Then - and this is so important - smile, and/or wave, as a way of being friendly and acknowledging the help. This combination can help people overcome their inattention and also their aversion to feeling like they're being shunned or judged.

From what the social psychology research tells us, these kinds of new behaviors need to be modeled by people who others tend to follow, and need to be adopted widely to take hold. I would so appreciate it if runners, walkers, cyclists, parents pushing strollers, people using wheelchairs or other mobility devices could all use and normalize physical distancing so that we can all go outside for brief breaks - for our physical and mental health.

Thanks for considering this, neighbors. I hope each of you is faring well and being extra safe.

Karen Key
Ordway Street NW

ISO someone to pick up donated box of gloves

Carol Knoll <carolimah@...>

I have a box of Nitrile gloves that I found in the back of a closet. It is opened but practically full. I would like to donate it if it is useful. I cannot go out, so is there a way to get them to a medical facility?

Carol Knoll
carolimah @ yahoo dot com

PPE? Any Masks and Gloves contractors or nail salons might want to donate?


Is anyone a contractor or nail salon or know them and might want to donate PPE - masks and gloves for our 1st line responders? I have personally heard from an ER doctor and an EMT looking for these things NOW.  
Reports of companies ramping up is encouraging but will take time. So, if anyone has access to supplies, and wants to offer them, I'm happy to try to coordinate a plan to pick up and get them onto the faces and hands of those tasked with keeping us safer and alive.
Thank you,
susan.crockin@... [susan.crockin @ gmail dot com]

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