Re: ISO a good way to send flowers

Marcia Stein

I mostly agree with ordering from a nearby florist, if/when you can, though flower prices have gone through the roof. I often ordered from ProFlowers, as their quality and pricing used to be better than others on the internet; not anymore. But recently I've been sending orchid bouquets from florists I found on Amazon and recipients told me the bouquets were beautiful. Two places I ordered from were KaBloom and eflowerswholesale. You might want to check them out.

Marcia Stein

Re: ISO a good way to send flowers

June Kronholz

Costco does a wonderful job with flower deliveries. I’ve used them many times, always with great results— and many compliments.

June Kronholz

Re: ISO a good way to send flowers

catherine chieco

Someone in Germany sent me a gorgeous Valentine bouquet from a florist called Urban Stems. Lovely mix of roses and other crimson blooms and eucalyptus —Lasted quite awhile.


ISO little kid soccer cleats size 2-ish

Denise Oliveira


My 6.5 yr old daughter needs soccer cleats, I’d rather not buy new. She wears a Little Kid 1.5. I’m thinking cleats in the 1.5 to 2 range would work. Let me know if you have any you no longer need in the house!


Deniseroliveira at gmail dot com

Please follow guidelines for neighborhood-friendly lighting


Dear Neighbors,

As a local beekeeper, I wanted to remind you that with the arrival of spring, we'll be spending more time outside. If you're planning to add more outdoor lighting, please ensure that it follows the guidelines of neighborhood-friendly lighting.

Unfortunately, there's already an excessive amount of harsh daylight balanced (bright white - 5600 degree kelvin) lighting in our neighborhood. While cheap LED lights are great for saving energy, the lower-quality options emit bright white light that disrupts the circadian rhythms of both people and wildlife. This can have negative impacts on their behavior, reproduction, and overall health. Furthermore, it detracts from the cozy atmosphere of our community.

However, there are ways to add lighting that won't harm your neighbors or contribute to light pollution.

Neighborhood friendly lighting includes:

1. Fully shielded lights
2. Light fixtures positioned so light only shines down and not toward neighboring properties
3. Warm colored light bulbs ((2600 to 2800 degree kelvin)
4. Motion sensors and/or timers so lights are on only when needed
5. Motion sensors aimed in a way that they are not activated by people in the alley, common spaces, or other people’s property
6. Fewest number of light fixtures possible
7. Lights at minimum height from ground.
8. Low wattage, energy-efficient warm white light bulbs (2600 to 2800 degree kelvin)
9. Infrared security cameras are available that do not require supplemental lighting (spotlights).
10. Turning off outdoor and ornamental lights when not in use

Neighborhood friendly lighting does:

1. Prevent light trespass and glare
2. Save energy and money
3. Provide needed safety and security
4. Enable dark sleep for generating melatonin improving peoples sleep
5. Enable all to enjoy and study the night sky
6. Protect people and wildlife's circadian rhythms in eluding bees and other pollinators.
7. Protect wildlife's natural migrations
8. Allows for observation of stars, planets, and space hardware

Every day, we face the challenge of light pollution, which is a significant problem in our neighborhood. While crime may be an occasional issue, it is essential that we do not sacrifice the beauty and tranquility of our community by disregarding neighborhood-friendly lighting practices.

Choosing downward-facing, warm-color temperature lighting can provide sufficient security lighting without contributing to light pollution. As we live in close proximity to one another, it is crucial to be considerate of our neighbors by keeping our lights contained within our own properties.

Before purchasing outdoor lighting, please think about the environment and how your lighting choices may impact your neighbors. By working together to reduce light pollution, we can preserve the natural beauty of our neighborhood and promote a peaceful environment for all.

Thank you,


Sean Kennedy
Bee Curious LLC

ISO Tickets to Les Mis #tickets #iso


The proverbial “shot in the dark” but in the event anyone on the Listserv has two tickets to see Les Mis the week of April 10 they are or cannot use please let me know. We’re on the hunt for two tickets that week, thanks.
34th and Porter
pacummins02 @ yahoo dot com 

ISO 2 bedroom rental or sublet #housing #iso #ISOhousing #rental

Alexandra Hillman

Current Cleveland Park family seeking rental housing, sublet (or house sitting arrangement) in the neighborhood…

My husband (PhD student), infant son, and two small dogs (both under 12 lbs) are ISO a 2 bedroom(+) rental for the next year or two. We intend to stay in the neighborhood to prevent moving our son out of his daycare. With one car, we’d like to find housing in Cleveland Park, Glover Park, Cathedral Heights, or McLean Gardens. We have excellent references we are happy to share.

alexrhillman @ gmail dot com

TAKEN: Free Modern Sconces

Rachel Goslins

Sconces were claimed in a jiffy. Thanks all.


April 18 Tuesday Talk features Leslie Luxemburg of Friday Morning Music Club & The Ashton Trio. Free & in person, CP Library @7pm

Linda Ayres

Mark your calendars for the April 18th Tuesday Talk with singer Leslie Luxemburg, President of the Friday Morning Music Club, who will present an introduction to the Club, founded in 1886. The club is dedicated to presenting classical music, and not just on Fridays. It supports a full orchestra, a chorale, a composer’s group, at-home music groups, and outreach programs to retirement and nursing homes. The Club was one of 5 organizations/individuals to give $5,000 to found the National Symphony Orchestra in 1931.
As part of the event, The Ashton Trio — Laura Benning, flute, Marion Richter, violin, and Valerie Matthews, cello — will perform London Trio #1 by Joseph Haydn and Maombi Asante by Valerie Coleman.
Seating is limited, so register early at: You can find out more about this talk, upcoming speakers, and restaurant discounts at this website.
Leslie spent her entire career as a professional singer, first with the New York City Opera during the Beverly Sills era, subsequently with the Washington National Opera, Wolf Trap Opera, and a variety of other local companies. She maintained an active vocal studio for many years. She does occasional film and commercial work, and especially enjoys sharing programs of songs she loves in retirement homes and similar group settings.
Masks are strongly encouraged. 

Please consider supporting your local restaurants by getting a meal to enjoy before or after the event.
The Tuesday Talks series is brought to you by Cleveland Park Main Street, the Cleveland and Woodley Park Village, and the Woodley Park Main Street, in collaboration with the DC Public Library. Tuesday Talks is a DC Public Library Know Your Neighborhood Program.  

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor

Re: Tips for a hospital stay / ER staffing shortages

E Boehler

Another example of how messed up our medical system is -- ER doctors were being fired during the pandemic.  This year's med school graduates would have been choosing their specialties two years ago when residency graduates couldn't find jobs:  
An unprecedented drop in visits to the emergency department has been ruinous to the job prospects for new doctors.

- previous message -
In the current (2023) cycle in which medical students are 'matched' to residency programs, an astounding 500-plus vacancies in emergency medicine have gone unfilled. Thanks in particular to the pandemic (and other factors, too) it is becoming an ever-less popular specialty. We can only expect emergency room waiting times and care to get worse in the future. [snip] 

Free: 2 small happy birthday balloons, bunch of napkins #free


2 small pre-inflated happy birthday balloons (the kind on sticks)
Pack of transportation themed napkins - opened, but unused and still in the packaging. 
Big stack of unused napkins, also transportation themed. Unused but loose, not in packaging.
Pack of baby shower cocktail napkins - packaging unopened. 
Guisou at gmail dot com
Porter St NW

Free Modern Sconces #free

Rachel Goslins

Refreshing my bedroom and swapping out these lovely light fixtures. Two wall-mounted (don’t need to be hard wired) with parchment shades, and extending/adjustable arms. Used but very pretty.

Let me know if you can use them.

rgoslins@... [rgoslins @ earthlink dot net]

ISO: Word Clues textbook

Barbara Chester

Does anyone have a copy of this textbook that they no longer want? I learned so much from this textbook as a middle schooler and would love my kids to enjoy it too. Unfortunately I can’t find it online for less than $60. It’s such a great resource and the reviews echo my sentiment. If anyone has one I would love to buy it or take it off your hands if you are no longer using it!

Word Clues Vocabulary Builder
Barbara Chester
chesterwedding@... [chesterwedding @ gmail dot com]

Re: ISO a good way to send flowers

Susan McDonald

I always order from a florist with a brick-and-mortar store near the place/person I’m sending the flowers. I don’t trust internet florists.

Good luck!

Klingle Rd

Re: ISO a good way to send flowers

Andrew Gordon

Have really enjoyed From You Flowers. They tend to have decent offers/offerings, the occasional sale/discount, and partner with local florists. Feel free to give 'em a look. I've been going with them for years now:  

Andrew Gordon
(c) 201-315-4801

- original message -
I have not sent anyone flowers for a while. What is a good way?

ISO Recs for amusing two young girls in Washington

Bill Coe

We will soon receive a visit by family from California. They are bringing two girls, sisters 10 years old and 8 -- real spitfires, vigorous, extremely active and athletic but with a love of reading and learning. Naturally, we want to entertain them in the city. Perhaps my neighbors can suggest fun, constructive things for them to do here. If so, please send me your top two ideas.  
We already know the usual options for museums and other "static" attractions. I just have no idea what might engage these girls and make their visit a memorable one. Thanks in advance for any useful recommendations! 
Bill Coe
Van Ness  
bceedeec @ gmail dot com

FS. Elegant Antique Secretary Desk - $175 #furniture #forsale

Kara Helander

This beautiful desk is from the 1910s or 1920s. The details are lovely. Sadly, it does not work in our new space.

You must pick up. Level in and out.

Thank you,

29th Street
Kara at khelander dot com

FF: Two dog pens #free


FF: Two dog pens (Amazon description below) in great shape 
MidWest Foldable Metal Dog Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen. Black w/ door, 24"W x 30"H,
Pick up tomorrow near Cactus Cantina.
powersalison@... [powersalison @ hotmail dot com]

FF: collapsable bookshelf or TV stand #free


FF. Collapsible metal bookshelf or TV stand. 24x17x34
Pick up tomorrow near Cactus Cantina.

powersalison@... [powersalison @ hotmail dot com]

FF: collapsable book shelf #free


Collapsable book shelf to pick up tomorrow near Cactus Cantina.
Picture attached. 28x12x37

powersalison@... [powersalison @ hotmail dot com]