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RedTop Cab is fabulous, but only if you're going to National or Dulles.  Not only do they arrive five minutes early, but the cabs are spacious and clean, and before we had meters in DC, they had them, which I considered an advantage.  I even discovered that if you tell them in advance how much your kid weighs, they will come with a proper size car seat too.

It turns out to be quite difficult to get a reliable cab service to go to BWI, in my experience.  I've taken to going on a weekday so I can take the commuter rail, or on a weekend taking the bus from Greenbelt - both work quite reliably.  I have given up on SuperShuttle which will never guarantee a limited number of stops and wants you to go 2 hours earlier than you'd like to.

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FWIW, I have found Red Top Cab of Arlington to be extremely more reliable than any DC cab company. They may pick up in DC if destination is National (or Dulles).


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