ISO Baby Glider and Stroller (I.e., Nuna Demi Grow or Uppababy Vista) #iso #baby #stroller

Trish Morris


Hoping to take buy used before I buy any baby gear new, so I’m  writing to ask if anyone has a stroller and glider to sell. I’m specifically looking for good condition strollers and gliders:
- stroller like: Uppababy Vista stroller from 2019 and newer; Nuna Demi Grow; or Peg Prego YPSI (Also happy to hear from anyone if they’re just in love with one of these strollers to help me pick :)
- Gliders, specifically: a West Elm or CB2 Glider or Davinci Sierra Swivel Glider.

Thank you!
pmmorris @ ymail dot com 

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