Re: Another car crash - Woodley & Wisconsin at 9am

Ako & Jeff Schwartz Shigihara

Pretty much the world over and for at least the almost 50 years I have been driving, a flashing red light has meant "stop". Flashing red is treated like a stop sign. This is true whether the light is on a post, a fire truck, or a school bus. Flashing red means stop. The key problem might be that many (most?) folks don't stop at stop signs. Even when a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, they will roll or barrel through.

Sad that the sign with the instructions to stop and proceed when clear is both needed and ignored.

Jeff on 28th St

- from previous message -
[snip] The flashing red lights mean to STOPĀ  but they also mean to GO! even though pedestrians still have the walk sign! How ridiculous is that?! A driver has no idea when approaching the flashing red lights if they are "before" or "after" pedestrians cross! The wee sign says "proceed on flashing red when clear" -- even though the driver can't see if the crossing is clear because of other lanes of traffic blocking sight lines. I cross the Veazey street and the Garrison street HAWKs daily, and it's a guessing game for me, Russian roulette for pedestrians. (HAWK must be the acronym for moron!)
Basic traffic math: yellow means caution/slow down, red means stop, and green means go!

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