Do You Get the Economist? Apparently I Can't

Nancy Bekavac

Dear Fellow USPS Customers,
Beginning about six months ago, my copy of The Economist stopped coming on Saturday, or Monday, and sometimes slipped to Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, it just stopped coming AT ALL to my large building on Devonshire Place. I have contacted The Economist. They gave me several issues of credit, checked the address and assured me it would be coming.
Are you surprised IT IS NOT COMING AT ALL. I have spoken with the building attendants who sort the mail. They have not seen it for several weeks. I note some other subscription holders have gotten theirs. I am green with envy. No, digital is not enough.
Ideas? Suggestions? Targeted complaints?
I have asked, respectfully, if The Economist would like to take over USPS, but so far, no response.
Do I sound exhausted and upset? I know the fact that I get SOME mail and SOME publications some of the time makes me what amounts to a favored customer. in the Friendship Heights Post Office delivery area. But I want more. I want regular, dependable, timely delivery of a publication I already overpay for.
Yours in exasperation,

Nancy Y. Bekavac
Washington, DC
Cell:     310 736 8912
Home:  202 758 0499

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