Re: ISO covid vaccine booster - easy experience at Ward 3 COVID Center


Thank you Louise for highlighting the Ward 3 Covid Center at Friendship Heights. I went there in the late afternoon on Saturday (it was open until 8pm on Saturday), and the Ward 3 Covid Center was just as you describe. There were about 4 nurses there waiting to give vaccines to the public, and just one or two other patients besides me. 

My only quibble is that it seemed a bit silly that upon entering the Ward 3 Covid Center, they had each patient fill out a long form by hand, and then, once that was completed, the patient would hand the paper copy to the clerks who then basically had to ask each person about spelling and things like that on the handwritten form the patient had just filled out, with the clerk then laboriously entering that same information on their laptops. While I have no specific knowledge, my hunch is that it is likely costing DC taxpayers a few thousand dollars each day to run this Covid center with so many trained medical personnel and additional clerks on duty (and there is one such Covid center in each Ward), so it might be more efficient to just have each patient fill out the information on an iPad or laptop. But this is just a minor quibble, and the whole process took less than 10 minutes. It was a far better experience than going to, say, a CVS where I have not had good luck and it has been the case that at a CVS there is often just one overworked nurse who is behind schedule and where my experience has been that the patients typically wait long after their appointed time to actually see the CVS medical specialist.

The speed, uncrowded nature, and friendly atmosphere of the Ward 3 Covid Center will make this my preferred option for any further booster shots that may be needed if it remains open for such a purpose.  Thank you again for highlighting this useful service in Ward 3.

- Warren

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