Palette Dome Cuisine April 6 Weekly Meals Update. TIME TO EAT BETTER!

Chef Mesilati

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Palette Dome Cuisine April 6, 2022
Chef's Choice Wednesday Meals Weekly Update

April. Hope you survived April Fools’ Day, and now enjoying Cherry Blossoms Festival, some time at the fully open farmer's market, a hike in nature, backyard and pot planting or just some backyard sunbathing. The balance between sun, shade, warmth and cold is one that we much appreciate here in Palette Dome Cuisine, as it also marks a time of abundance in the markets, full of local fresh produce and herbs.

For us, this weekend is all about the garden - planting and seeding those early crops, filling the pots with blooming and fragrant annuals, and getting close to nature once again.

Enjoy the abundance of activities around DC this weekend, but do not forget your meal prep for the week. We will be there to help you with those several extra items you really do not want to spend the time on - let us do it for you!

Our menu for the week is full spring, and we hope you like the new "players". Our biggest spring marker is asparagus, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do, as it is all over our menu! From our vegan pasta primavera, to the blackened salmon that gets asparagus for a side, to the salmon asparagus quiche, all the way to a creamy yet dairy free asparagus soup. Did we say we like asparagus yet?

Wednesday Meals order cut-off time for meals is Tuesday 7PM.

We are a small batch production company, and we run out of items. Please remember to order as early as you can: our popular items are usually out of stock by Monday afternoon. Try to place your order prior for full product availability.

Go directly to our store to see the full menu updates

  • Soups. Spring classics are available: A vegetarian classic French leek potato soup, a springy celery root soup, and a vegan roasted asparagus soup.
  • Pasta Primavera with peas, leeks and beans is the vegan dish for the week. It is made with cashew based vegan cheese. The pasta we use this week is GF cassava spaghetti.
  • You can always add a fresh, organic, free range hard boiled egg to our soups and vegan dishes, case you want (or need) that extra protein.
  • Fish: Salmon. Blackened Salmon is here in its spring version with roasted sweet potato and seared asparagus.
  • Fish: herb crusted salmon. A spring version served with celery root pasta and green beans.
  • Poultry: Chicken Shawarma is here, and served with hummus, tahini, a salad and some roasted vegetable. This is a classic Mediterranean dish for the spice lovers.
  • Beef: a classic spaghetti Bolognese is always a favorite, especially when enriched with root vegetable and served with GF pasta. For spring we threw some peas into the mix!
  •  A fresh salad is an add-on you can always include with your meal. For a nominal up-charge you get a healthy appetizer or a crunchy side that makes any meal wholesome. Try our kale salad for added power greens with every meal.
  • You can now add chopped vegetable (crudites) to your Mediterranean salad. Another healthy option!
  • Chicken potpie is here. Get it while it lasts.
  • Salmon rillettes, Hummus, Tahini, Baba Ghanoush, Tzatziki, egg salad, and other staple salads \ snacks are in stock. Check our store for full availability.

Our kitchen is fully stocked with meals and salads, all fresh, all made from scratch. You can see the full availability on our website

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Looking for more than our Wednesday Meals offering? A new mom in need of help in the kitchen? Dealing with health challenges? Too many food allergies that you cannot enjoy dinner out? Managing life with cancer? An athlete in training? Decided to go with Mediterranean Diet \ Paleo \ Keto \ Whole 30 \ SCD \ South Beach \ Atkins? Consider trying our fully tailored personal chef meal service.

Our weekly variety is very calculated, and you are welcome to follow the logic: at least two vegan or vegetarian dinner options with plant protein, choices that are good for you and good for our planet; healthy fish options, at least one of which is salmon for those omegas 3 and omega 6 healthy fatty acids; a choice of free range chicken and\or grass fed beef and\or lamb. Proteins set. Choose sides that are a joy to eat and are healthy for you, fibrous, rich in antioxidants and contain abundant minerals and vitamins. Think sweet potato, broccoli, peas, carrot, kale, spinach, chard, squash, beet, and the list go on. Mix and match as you please, be ginger on the salt while using ginger, garlic, turmeric, and herbs for added flavor and nutrition, add nuts and eggs for even more protein and health benefits, and you are off for a great start.

Need help planning menus? Chef is always happy to share ideas.
You can even hire us as your personal chefs, to plan and cook your menus!

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. 
- Margaret Atwood

Our food is first and foremost flavorful, always fresh, made from scratch, healthful, wholesome, plant-centric, made in small batch with local, seasonal, organic produce, humanly raised and harvested animal products, with herbs spices and aromas to create a Modern Mediterranean well-balanced meal.

Our food is always low fat and low salt, so if you need to add that salt kick - please, go right ahead! It needs to be right for YOU, in flavor and in nutrition profile.

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A platter is for sharing!

Having a small gathering at home? Looking for some small bites to keep it more interesting? Looking for a dinner option that is more varied with smaller portion size? Our platters are the perfect solution for a small family gathering, for games night, for book club meet, and any other small social gathering.

Our selection includes a Classic MediterraneanModern Mediterranean and Vegetarian Mediterranean, all with a variety of dips, crudites, chips, and small bites.

Email info@..., call us, or order platters online on Thursday and Friday for the following weekend.

Please allow minimum of 3 business days lead time for platter orders.

Delivery Guidelines \ Wednesday Meals

Free DC delivery for orders of $100 or more, $6 flat rate otherwise
Free Alexandria, Arlington, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Kensington, Riverdale and Silver Spring delivery for orders $200 or more, otherwise $12
We will include more areas as our delivery region expands.
If your region is not stated above, please communicate with us BEFORE placing your order, and we will quote your delivery cost according to our delivery partners. Otherwise, you are always welcome to come and pickup your food from our kitchen in NE DC.

Wednesday Meals are delivered on Wednesday afternoon.
Pickup is available from our kitchen at 2410 T Street NE DC

Order cut-off time for all meals is Tuesday 7PM.

We are a small batch production company, and we run out of items. Please remember to order as early as you can: our popular items are usually out of stock by Monday afternoon. Try to place your order prior for full product availability.

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Looking for a Baker!
We are seeking a part time experienced (home) baker that can independently manage the baking of breads, quiches, muffins, breakfast pastries, treats, and simple desserts.  Please reach out to us for full details.

Palette Dome Cuisine
A modern Mediterranean food vision by Chef Mesilati and JDHM Inc.
Chef's Choice Wednesday Meals Weekly Update
Palette Dome Cuisine is a personal chef, small batch meal delivery and boutique catering service in the DC metro area.
We help you create and enjoy a tasty, healthful, unique dining experience, at your event, at your home, or at your office.
We pride ourselves in our fresh and healthful Modern Mediterranean approach to food. We use predominantly local, seasonal, organic produce, humanely raised and harvested animal products, incorporate Mediterranean spices and aromas as well as other influences to healthful, well-balanced dishes and meals.
Our menus are always changing, seasonal, and tailored completely to your wishes and desires.

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