Night Nurse for Newborn Available

Joanna Shalleck-Klein

If you are interested in a night nurse to care for a newborn, then we highly recommend Jennifer Benjamin and the team of women she oversees. We cannot overemphasize how wonderful it was to work with them.  Beginning the night we came home from the hospital, they carefully and thoughtfully cared for our son throughout the night, enabling us to sleep with the comfort that our son was in good hands.
But they did so much more: they taught us -- first-time parents -- about caring for a newborn, ranging from bathing techniques to feeding schedules to what products to procure. They also helped us sleep train our son, who now sleeps 12 hours a night. Illustrating our enthusiasm for and confidence in Jennifer and her team, we urged family members to secure Jennifer's services as soon as we learned they were expecting.
We'd be delighted to tell you more, but you should also feel free to contact Jennifer at 240-475-0389. She doesn't text, so you must call her. She responds to voicemails promptly.
Joanna & Allon
Warren Street

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