Re: Installation of new, improved faregates nearing milestone; with March 1 deadline set for phase-out of older farecards


My husband and I have senior farecards that allows us to get a discount on rides. If we replace them with the new cards, will we still get the senior discount? If the old card still have money on it, will that transfer?

Carolyn Long
Alton Place
carolynlong @ earthlink dot net
Editor's note: Only very old cards need to be replaced. Cards purchased from 2012 on will work fine. Look on the back of your cards -- if you see 0167 at the start of the serial number, you're fine; you don't need to do anything. If the number starts with anything else, you can transfer the balance on the old card(s) to your senior card, which you can then use up at the senior discount rate. Here's part of the WMATA announcement:

Customers can easily replace their old farecards by mail, online, phone or in-person, and transfer any balance to a new or existing SmarTrip card or virtual card through SmarTrip mobile pay for iOS and Android. Check the serial number on the back of the SmarTrip card. If the serial number doesn’t start with “0167” it needs to be replaced. For step-by-step instructions on how to replace old cards or transfer balances including SmartBenefits to another card, visit the SmarTrip Card Replacement page. 

The entire WMATA announcement is available here:  

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