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Thank you, I truly appreciate all your help. I have been hospitalized at Sibley since Dec. 15 and was able to receive a number of transfusions. Many people have saved my life which was hanging by a thread. I am getting stronger every day.
Thank you!!!


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This seems like a good time to burrow into the archives and remind folks that there’s a 2018 “Compilation [of] Easiest place(s) to donate blood!” See, from May 2018. I’ve clicked through all four links (NIH, Red Cross, Children’s Hospital, and INOVA), which still work fine, although the link to the Nats Park blood drive is obviously moot. (That’s okay, it just redirects to INOVA.)  Not to be a downer...but I have not felt safe donating blood in INOVA's cramped bloodmobile. I much prefer a proper "donation center" with room for distancing. 
Thank you, neighbors, for donating this precious fluid. My sister in OH, like Therese, battled leukemia and benefited from anonymous donors like you.
This is also a thumbs-up for the search function, which unlike Yahoo's, y'know, actually works.     

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Dear Neighbors,
I am at Sibley Hospital in the emergency care in dire need of platelets. The Red Cross has a severe shortage of platelets so I am barely getting 35% of what I need to survive.
Please donate platelets or spread the word that the Red Cross is in critical need of platelets ASAP.
Thank you!
McLean Gardens
Editor's note: The low blood emergency is still in effect. Find places to donate near you at this link:  

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