THANK YOU: (Was Seeking Good Samaritan in Search of Good Deed)

Susana Raab

Dear Cleveland Park Community,

Thank you so much for all those who reached out to offer support and direction in helping me get a new immigrant family the support and help they need to find safe harbor and healthcare for their child.  Your efforts have gotten this family in touch with people they need who will be able to guide them through the morass of forms and procedures we are all so familiar and overwhelmed by. They made it to Philadelphia! And are on their way to get health insurance coverage for their child, who needs ongoing care for his lungs and asthma. 

In gratitude, I'd like to share with you the names of the organizations that were given to me, the are working with these communities to support their transition to live in the US. If you are interested in making a year-end donation or volunteering, there are bilingual and English speaking only opportunities at most:

Direct Support for Immigrants:
Ayuda DC:
Latina Youth Center DC:
Casa DC:
Catholic Charities DC:
Lutheran Social Services DC:

Thank you all. I am so appreciative to be surrounded by so many generous, caring, service-minded folks. You give me hope!
Susana Raab
Connecticut Avenue NW

- original message -
I am putting a long shot request to see if there are any Spanish speakers who would be willing to drive a family of three from Beltsville to Philadelphia to meet with immigration on Wednesday. This family cannot go on pubic transportation due to the unvaccinated status of their two year old son who has contracted Covid and now suffers from asthma and has lung issues. Without going into too much detail, I can say that they are political refugees from their country of origin. 
I searched the listserv for resources and did find Ayuda. Grateful to learn about other resources this MD based family without a car might access. 
Thank you!

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