Red Cross urgently needs platelet donations


Dear Neighbors,

I am at Sibley Hospital in the emergency care in dire need of platelets. The Red Cross has a severe shortage of platelets so I am barely getting 35% of what I need to survive.
Please donate platelets or spread the word that the Red Cross is in critical need of platelets ASAP.

Thank you!
McLean Gardens

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Dear Neighbors, 
I have been battling acute leukemia since Jan. 6 2021. I have undergone 6 rounds of chemo that required a considerable amount of red cells and platelets transfusions. Without these donations, I would have never made it through today's remission. I thank the blood donors behind every anonymous bag every time I receive a transfusion. I want to thank ALL of you who have contributed by donating blood or spread the word within your communities about this truly life-saving action. I am your prime example of being rescued by ALL of you. Please keep trying to donate and/or let people know that their blood WILL SAVE LIVES. I will need a lot more blood with my upcoming stem cells transplant, so by donating you will save lives like mine. 
Thank you!!!


Therese Fergo
Mobile: 1(202) 669-9414

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I received this from the American Red Cross today: 
Historically Low Blood Supply: National Red Cross blood supply at a 10+ year low

With a location in our area soon, you may wish to donate at this critical time by reaching out to the Red Cross to sign up.
Thank you

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