ISO help and advice regarding my RCN internet troubles / hard wiring the house

Helen Qubain


I am at my wits end on how to resolve our internet troubles. For the last couple of months our internet has become unstable in the house. Our service provide RCN said we need to upgrade modems and buy more bandwidth. We did that only to have the problem worsen. Now I spend my days on the phone begging them to send a technician over who sometimes shows up and other times doesn't. Both the remote and in person technicians say the service should be working. I have had the technical Supervisor over twice to no avail.

1) Does anyone know how to request a technical escalation to the supervisor of the supervisor at RCN? No supervisor has taken ownership of the issue and calls me back. I spend hours on the phone getting transferred to a different person each time I call. 

At this point, I am looking into hard wiring the house so I don't want to bother dropping RCN to switch to Verizon until the upgrade is done if we do it. I will definitely not continue using RCN. 

2) Does anyone have advice / recommendations on hard wiring the house?


hqubain @ gmail dot com

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