CP Farmers Market this weekend! (Sat, Dec 11 from 9am-1pm, 3400 block of Conn Ave)

CPFarmersMarket Market

Hi neighbors- 
This Saturday (12/11) is the second to last week of the 2021 Cleveland Park Farmers Market season! Make sure to stop by the 3400 block of Connecticut Ave this weekend to stock up and check in with all your favorite vendors as to where to find them through the winter season. We'll be there from 9am til 1pm. 
This week's vendors: Kuhns Orchard, Garners Produce, Via Volcan, Chinese Street Market, VegHeaven, Panorama Bakery, Mastiha Greek bakery, Cold Country Salmon, The Juice Trap, and Roots and Shoots microgreens
That also means that this is the penultimate week of free compost drop-offs. Through the winter, the city-sponsored program is available at the Dupont and Palisades farmers markets on Sundays. Find more info on what and where to compost here. 
Immediately following the farmers market, we'll flip the same space into the much anticipated return of the Cleveland Park Holiday Market from 1:30 - 5:30. 
Hope to see you there! 

Mary Ellen
CP Farmers Market Manager 

Cleveland Park Listserv Sponsor 

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