Re: ISO Car-free trick or treating

James Linde

Walk up Macomb from Connecticut to Wisconsin then down Newark to Connecticut then back up Porter then down Quebec and over to Rodman then down Rodman to Connecticut. Lots of houses

Editor's note: If what the original poster means by "car-free" is a pedestrian-only trick-or-treat experience, then they may find trick-or-treating along the narrow sidewalks of Cleveland Park not quite what they were looking for. There will be a number of times that parents may need to take their kids into the street, due to inadequate sidewalk space or a car parked across the lip of a driveway. This is especially true if you're pushing a stroller. Just be sure you are always visible to drivers and have your small children in hand!

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Hi, We used to live near Lanier Heights and did car-free trick or treating there. It was wonderful! Is there a similar area that's car-free to trick or treat in the Cleveland Park, Forest Hills, Chevy Chase area?

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