More About the Ordway St poop-bag holder (was: A dog clean-up mystery)

Sue Ruff

Let me tell you all, loud and clear, SIGNS DO NOT WORK.
- original message -
This is not a rant. It’s a plea for help. There is a small bag-holder attached to a telephone pole on Ordway Street. Neighbors bring bags. Dog-walkers use the bags. Life is good.
Every once in a while, though, someone leaves a bag full of poop in with the clean bags. It’s always the kind of bag you buy for scooping poop.
My guess is that someone occasionally hires a dog-walker who is following instructions but doesn’t understand that the bag-holder is for clean bags, not trash.  
It’ll lower my blood pressure if we figure out who this is.
 -Sue, in the 3500 block of Ordway

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