Free for pickup: 3 Pineapple plants #plants

Katrina Brandon

Hey all,

When COVID lockdown started in 2020, I took 3 pineapples tops and cared for them as per website below, and I now have 3 healthy pineapple plants growing in organic soil and fed with filtered water and organic fertilizer. They are at about the half-way mark to produce pineapples, but each needs a bigger container. For light, they need  a south facing window or you can use (as we have) a full spectrum LED. I am not giving the pot away, but the pot and plants are outside so you can dig them out (bring a trowel) and take the dirt they are in (paper grocery bags outside). 

Please text me at 301-456-4038, and I will give you our complete address (near Connecticut and Davenport). Let me know how many of the 3 you want no no one makes an unnecessary trip.

One website with growing info (although there are many others): ( )


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