PEPCO Wires Issue #safety


Dear Neighbors, 

I had a home renovation and it was completed last March. Since then my GC, electrical subcontractor and myself have been calling ad nauseam, PEPCO. I have been calling a woman who is supposed to get a crew out to my house and properly secure the wires that are on the ground in a heap. The woman never once has answered and her voice mail is always full. I have tried also calling Morlon Bell-Izzard who is VP in charge of customer relations and she does not respond.

I have attached a photo of this mess that has been in my yard since March of 2021.

Perhaps I should just stop paying my PEPCO bill and that would get their attention.

I will also send this to Mary Cheh and Mayor Bowser. Does anyone have any other advice for me? Maybe go just go solar. 


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