Wonderful full-time nanny available beginning August 9 #childcare #nanny


Aminata ("Amy") has worked with our family for 2.5 years, caring for both of our children. She is a caring, patient, easy-going nanny and has been such a boon to our family. We have received countless compliments from teachers, neighbors, and other caregivers about how engaged and attentive she is with our children. Our children light up when Amy arrives in the morning, often sprinting across the house to welcome her with a hug. Amy started working with our family when we moved to DC, helping us navigate a new area and getting our children settled into new routines. In the early days, Amy cared for our then-infant full time as well as picking up our older child from preschool, finding playgrounds and activities that suited both children's needs. Amy has adapted to our family's changing needs many times, including caring for both children full-time during school breaks, changing daily routines as the children grow, and managing school and camp pick ups. During the pandemic, Amy has worked closely with our family to establish shared safety standards and protocols, and evolving them over time.

Amy has a wealth of caregiving experience, having nannied for families for many years as well as caring for elderly individuals and new mothers in need of assistance. She is a native French speaker and fluent in English.

With our children starting school full time this fall, Amy is looking for a new family to join in a full-time role. She is well-versed in caring for children of all ages, from young infants through school-aged children, and she readily helps around the house as time permits. Amy is not currently interested in share care arrangements.

Please let me know if you want any more information at stephanie.glier@... [stephanie dot glier at gmail dot com] or contact Amy directly at amkantrok@... [amkantrok at hotmail dot com] or 301-693-5749.

Ellicott St

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