Re: Orange barrels in parking lanes on Wisconsin Ave

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I am reasonably certain the businesses that are using the former parking places are thrilled to have that space. Burka's is happy to help load your vehicle when you buy a case or two. Is waiting a moment or two to enter a parking garage really a bottleneck?

There are traffic back-ups at Reno and Fessenden during rush hour because there is a lot of car traffic there.

Steve Seelig

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What is going on with big orange things in parking lanes along Wisconsin Ave and maybe elsewhere? The block between Newark and Idaho (Silver, Burka's, Starbucks are tenants there) is now off limits to parking for how long? Thought maybe streateries expanding (please not)... Is this already having a bad impact for those businesses? That Starbucks is a busy stop, e.g., a.m. commuters, and convenient for nearby residents driving around for shopping! And how does one get heavy wares from Burka's into a car there? [snip]
There's also the delightful bottleneck on Newark in front of the Giant entrance--what geniuses came up with that? [snip]

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I wholeheartedly agree with you! These DDOT people need a dose of reality. The traffic lights at Nebraska at Reno and Fessenden are so poorly timed that rush hour is a messed-up backup.

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