Amazing nanny available now #childcare #nanny


I just wanted to take a moment to recommend our wonderful nanny, Mary, who is available now for full time work. She is fully vaccinated. Our kids are enrolled in summer school and are so sorry to lose their amazing friend.   

Really, Mary is just such an amazing caregiver. She is tireless, creative and endlessly patient. She took care of our childcare pod (children ages 3, 4, and 5), and her little daughter Sofia (who is almost 2) fit in like a pro, getting involved in activities with the 'big kids' and teaching them kindness and consideration to boot! Taking care of her own child alongside others means I have never seen Mary distracted. Ever. Her whole focus is on the kids (and as an aside, I don't know how anyone has that much energy!).

Mary loves being outdoors, and if you let her, will spend every day taking the children to new and interesting parks, play areas and other fun outdoor places. Mary also did wonderful crafts with the kids and spends every lunchtime making up stories, which always keeps the kids at the table!

I cannot say enough good things about Mary, and would be happy to be contacted about her work.

You can contact me at meredithlstanton@... or Mary on +1 (410) 897-7091


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