Correction to full-time hours typo Re: Nanny Available for new family - late August or September #childcare #nanny

Sara Lichtenfeld

Correction: Nanny Amparo is looking for a full-time (minimum 35 hours) position. (Not 25 as previously published)
Sara Lichtenfeld

-- original message, as corrected --

Nanny Available for new family - late August or September 

Our situation has changed so we're looking to help our nanny Amparo find a new family. She is looking for a full-time (minimum 35 hours) position starting late August or September. She is excellent with new babies and would be ideal for first-time parents.

Amparo is a loving presence for our young son (1.5) and two older daughters (almost 5, and 7.5). I am grateful for her professionalism and knowledge during this stressful year. She is a wealth of knowledge about child development and is a steady, unflappable partner. She takes our kids on outdoor adventures every day. Amparo has been a tremendous help with solid foods and other developmental milestones for infants, especially gross motor skills.

Amparo speaks Spanish and would do best with a family who has at least a basic knowledge of Spanish. She will work diligently to teach the children Spanish which was a huge plus for us. She prefers to work in NW DC where she lives and she does not have a car. She is fully vaccinated and follows COVID precautions. She prefers to be paid on the books.

Amparo has been with our family for nearly a year and her previous family for more than 5 years. She has excellent references. I cannot recommend Amparo enough.

Please contact me, Sara, at selichto@... or 202-841-3387 for further information and to connect with Amparo.

-Sara Tauber
Veazey Street

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