Re: Problems with DC Portal to access COVID-19 vaccination records


I tried multiple time to access the records without success. The email reply to my query was not helpful.  

Randi Seitz
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I just tried it and the system also fails to find my vaccination records.

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On May 3, 2021, DC Health announced the launch of DC MyIR, a web-based portal that is intended to give District residents secure, easy, and free access to their official COVID-19 vaccination records. The portal, found at, is designed to allow users to view and print official copies of their vaccination records, and their dependents’ records, at any time. The announcement indicated that if anyone experienced problems accessing their COVID-19 vaccination records in MyIR, then they should check with their vaccine provider to ensure their information is correct and to update the records.
Shortly after the announcement, I opened an account on the website. Shortly thereafter, I was informed that there was no match in the system and therefore, no records for me to access. I contacted my vaccine provider, Safeway, which provided proof that in fact, my records were property provided to both DC Health and DC MyIR. After numerous emails and phone calls to DC Health and DC MyIR over the last several weeks, I am still unable to access my records. On Tuesday, I received an email from DC MyIR falsely claiming that the problem was fixed and that I could now see my records.  As a result, yesterday, I contacted Councilmember Mary Cheh's office to look into this issue.

Has anyone else experienced similar problems with DC MyIR and has anyone been successful in resolving them? So far, this has been a massive waste of my time (and perhaps DC tax dollars) for a system that is not working at all (at least for me).

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