Re: Hearst Park Construction - No Reliable Information on status and delays

George Beronio

Hopefully we’ve all put in 311 calls for these items.
At  ... or literally call “311.”
I know, I can hear some drinks ejecting through noses out there. But hey: it’s the process. It won’t always be a quick resolution, but it WILL get some kind of action. And for those inclined to follow up through other channels, it’s a lot easier to get action on a documented issue than to hope that the right person reads the listserv. Especially true when there are multiple tickets on the same issue.  
George B. 
Van Ness St. 

-- previous message - 
May I ask a straightforward question that has been broached in previous messages: Why is water, seems like fresh water, being pumped 24/7 onto Quebec Street? This seems wrong and a environmental degradation.  

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