Expecting Parents ISO: Baby Nurse, Day Care, and Pediatrician Recommendations #baby

Paige Machover

Hi everyone!

My husband and I are expecting our first child in November and have a lot to do to prepare! Some of the most important items on our list include:

- Hiring a baby/night nurse:
- We are looking for someone to provide round-the-clock care and aid during the first 2-4 weeks after bringing the baby home. She ideally has many years of experience caring for newborns and expertise in infant feeding, sleep-training, and CPR, and in supporting new parents. If anyone has had experience with a baby nurse (or a placement agency) who they would highly recommend, we would be grateful if you could share that information with us. (Of course, if you had a particularly negative experience and feel compelled to share, we will take that information seriously.)

- Researching and applying to day care centers:
- We are not sure yet what our childcare will look like, but should we decide to send our baby to daycare we need to have all of our options researched and applications submitted as soon as possible. We would be grateful to anyone who can share their experience sending children as young as a few months old to daycare. We would appreciate any recommendations for Jewish-leaning or non-denominational programs -- both part- and full-time.

- Finding a pediatrician close to our Cleveland Park apartment:
- We hope to find a friendly, compassionate, and patient (both with children and neurotic mothers) pediatrician who genuinely cares about their patients enough to go the extra step. We live on Porter Street (between Connecticut Ave. and Adams Mill Rd.) and hope to find a top-notch practice nearby (preferably no further than a 10-minute drive).

I know I am asking a lot, but I have been so blown away by the generosity of this community through the listserv, I am sure that we will get some thoughtful and helpful advice!

Thank you very much!


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