Re: ISO Recommendations for Installing Yard Bamboo Barriers #iso

Sarah Brooks

In a house I lived in in Bethesda we installed bamboo as a barrier to some back yard neighbors. The gardeners sunk zinc sheets straight down as a control measure. Worked for at least 7 years.

Sarah on Macomb

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There is no such thing as a bamboo barrier in reality, because bamboo is a weird tree. According to "our botanist", what you see when you see bamboo are the branches of a tree that's underground running parallel to the surface. So you can cut/pull what you can see or have someone convince you to buy barriers, but that doesn't stop the real tree from growing or what you can see from growing back. The only way to stop bamboo is to dig it up. It was one of the first things we did when we bought our former home on Macomb, because there was bamboo basically filling the front yard. It took a backhoe and a fair amount of time to get it done. It was a fascinating process and a great lesson in why you never want to plant bamboo, unless you have pandas to feed.

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