Re: Scam Call from COVID Response Center?

Linda LaScola

Sorry this happened to you and thanks for reporting. I had sometime similar happen — which I’ll report here as well.  
It was online only — an email titled "You have been chosen to Complete Our Important Survey, Be Protected And Get Rewarded!”
Inside there was only a link to a survey to take. I thought it was related to a CDC form I had filled out after shot 2 about the reaction I’d had.
But this survey was short and silly - no way it could be of any help. Then, at the end (7 or 8 questions), I was offered an array of expensive gifts (e.g., over $50) for which I only needed to pay shipping and handling! That’s when I caught on that they were only trying to get my personal info, so I clicked off.

Linda LaScola
- original message -
I just gave too much information to a likely scam caller. I had just filled out an online form with the new MyIr website the District posted to look up my COVID vaccine records. (I have my card, but I was just testing the site.) Within a few minutes, I received a call from the “COVID response center, DC.”I thought this was legit — connected to my signing up with MyIr, but I think it was just a coincidence that that the two events occurred so close together.
The caller requested that I confirm my name, address, type of shot, dates of my shots, place where I received my shots, and my primary care physician. Unfortunately, I gave the caller all this information. It was only when the caller said he would be signing me up for my 3rd Pfizer shot, which was new and required, and that he needed my insurance number that I recognized something was up.
I didn’t give him the number, and requested that he give me a call back number, which was 543 195-5460. I am too nervous to try the number, but from what I can tell, the area code doesn’t come from North America. I don’t know where I can or should go from here, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up in case something similar comes your way.

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