Re: Ward 3 Vision April 27 Event Commends Racially Unjust Comp Plan

It is noteworthy that this review of the session is being provided BEFORE it takes place. And that the requests is for readers to send letters to the Council to criticize what is to be discussed also before readers hear what the speakers have to say.

It is also false that the Comp Plan's proposed amendments came without community input. Every ANC in the city had a chance to respond to those proposals, and each one in Ward 3 held public meetings to offer resolutions in favor or opposed to those changes.  ANC 3C voted to approve those proposals after public comment and debate. OP itself had over 2 years of community outreach on these issues.

Most notably, the Committee of 100, cited here as the factual basis for the allegations that the changes were prompted by developers, OP and Ward 3 Vision, provided detailed comments to OP and to the Council. So there were plenty of public comments, although I would add that the Committee of 100 hardly reflects the views of the majority of DC residents.

Finally, it amuses me that a post to residents of Cleveland Park, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in DC, is so focused on the notion of gentrification, an issue that is so foreign to the development concerns of Ward 3 as to be ironic.

Looking forward to tonight's discussion that I encourage all interested residents to attend.  

Steve Seelig

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Event on Apr 27 at 7:30pm: What’s In the Affordable Housing Toolbox? 
If you are interested in learning more about the ways we can add affordable housing in this part of the city, this event on April 27th by Ward 3 Vision is for you. 
More information and how to register for this free virtual event can be found here.   

Building Inclusivity in Ward 3: What’s In the Affordable Housing Toolbox?
April 27 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Join us on April 27th at 7:30 pm when we will learn about the many tools we have to make Ward 3 a more inclusive, affordable place to live. Experts and practitioners will inform us about approaches and policies like federal and local subsidies, public land, missing middle housing, ADUs, public/social housing, and mixed income housing with inclusionary zoning. We’ll also learn about how affordable housing actually gets financed.  
Bob Ward

Cleveland Park Smart Growth

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