Re: E-bikes abandoned in neighborhoods. Who to call?

It is sad when people dump bike share bikes into Rock Creek. But it doesn't mean the program is not working to take more cars off the road, to everyone's benefit.

I'm not sure about your reference to urban China and bike trash. I've been to China and haven't really noticed it to be that trashy and certainly have not seen bikes strewn about the street. Now, there was a photo circulating about a year ago where bikes were being disposed on in a landfill. Far different than bike trash strewn streets, which does not happen and is a bit offensive to Chinese people.  

As for someone parking a bike on the street, that is the price we pay for living in the city. Yep, every now and then a bike will be parked on your street. And then it will leave because someone will ride it away, as the program is intended.

Steve Seelig

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Update: it turned out one can write to support@... 
You have to provide the tag number and the street address.
After a bit of back and forth they did finally come collect it. Overall they were pretty responsive.
I hope that when we see these ebikes abandoned in ravines and river beds we can get into the habit of reaching out or DC will start to look like urban China with piles of bike trash.

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