Re: E-bikes abandoned in neighborhoods. Who to call?


Update: it turned out one can write to support@...
You have to provide the tag number and the street address.

After a bit of back and forth they did finally come collect it. Overall they were pretty responsive.

I hope that when we see these ebikes abandoned in ravines and river beds we can get into the habit of reaching out or DC will start to look like urban China with piles of bike trash.


- original message -
I'm all for alternative transportation, but the ugly bright orange Jump/Lime bikes have been proliferating in my Woodley Park neighborhood and I believe the company is depositing them randomly. One just appeared in front of my house and I don't want to have to look at it for the next months. I've also noticed one of these apparently thrown over the Klingle bridge, and one at the bottom of Rock Creek below Calvert Street.
I tried to find a website or phone number to get the company to come take these away but I seemed to be required to register or become a member. Has anyone had success with this?

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