Re: Metro begins phasing out older SmarTrip cards as part of upgrades to faregates and fare payment technology

Roslyn Beitler

Thank you so much for this important information! It's another example of the invaluable help we get from the Cleveland Park listserv.

Roz Beitler 

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This Metro announcement says that “ Customers that participate in SmartBenefits are currently unable to transfer balances to a new card online and will be notified at a later date. Participants should login to their SmarTrip account to make sure their contact information is up to date.” When I turned 65 I started getting the senior discount. Is that considered SmartBenefits? Do I need to wait until notified to exchange my card in order not to lose my senior discount status?
The original message about the SmarTrip phase-out is available in full at

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