Re: Draft ANC 3C Resolution to support Concept C for DDOT Study on Connecticut Avenue

Mark Rosenman

When I responded to Commissioner Siddiqui’s post yesterday, I failed to point out that is spite his efforts to separate the issue of parking in the service lane and the loss of parking in his preferred option for the redesign of Connecticut Avenue, he is on record (most recently at a City Council roundtable on 3/23) as wanting the service lane closed to vehicles. 

It seems that the only Connecticut Avenue parking Commissioner Siddiqui favors is a commercial loading/unloading zone and very limited and short-term customer Pick-Up/Drop-Off spots.

Mark Rosenmnan

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Just want to clarify one issue: The service lane has nothing to do with this resolution at all. This resolution only deals with the six traffic lanes of Connecticut Avenue.

Sauleh Siddiqui
Commissioner, ANC 3C05,_

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