Re: Wash Post: In upper Northwest, displacement happened long ago

This long response (Message  ) is consistent with past ones - the only way to have more equitable housing in DC is to not adopt the Comp Plan amendments. There are two ways to look at that suggested approach, which is binary in its approach.  

  1. The first would be that the author is correct and that DC is ready and able to implement changes that have only taken place in a handful of cities. 
  2. The second would be that this is a ruse to simply stop any new development in Ward 3 via a fairly benign increase in density by defeating these changes.
How about we do both? What I have been hearing from proponents of the social housing movement is that we can't, which makes no sense to me.

Steve Seelig

- original message -
Excellent opinion piece in the WAPO written by Matt Frumin, reposted here 

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