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Linnea Warren

Councilmembers Cheh and Henderson are making their recommendation to the Council this week? We’re supposed to have until April 9th to submit written comments on this issue.

I always wondered whether anyone ever paid any attention to written testimony. I guess not.  

Linnea Warren

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The DC Council is currently considering approving a $350 Million procurement for replacing DC’s 75,000 streetlights with “SMART” Streetlights- LED lights plus Small Cell Wireless/5G ready devices.
On Friday, March 26, 2021 there was a hearing led by Mary Cheh on this project. Link below. There was testimony presented by the International Dark-Sky Association, the ACLU, the Sierra Club, City Wildlife, and Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  DC Council members Mary Cheh and Christina Henderson asked excellent questions. [snip]
Cheh and Henderson will be making their recommendations to the whole council this week. The council will vote next week.
We urge you to ask the City Council to send the LED lighting proposal back to DDOT for revision. Please send an email to cwogoman@... 
Background on the proposed legislation: 
Link to Friday's hearing with Mary Cheh: 
Thank you for your help!  For more information call Jim Dougherty (IDA) (jimdougherty@aol) (202-488-1140), Wayne Savage (Sierra) (
waysav@...) (202-829-5829) or Marie-Louise Murville (CCL) mmurville@... 202-251-6760
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