Re: Cleveland Park Metro to Close in 2022? Give Feedback to WMATA

Peter Brusoe

It's important to speak out on this, but this is the same tired game that Metro plays. They know that Cleveland Park and its surrounding neighborhoods are vocal and that there will be a protest and people will speak out, same thing with other stations targeted for closure. I for one am tired of the failed leadership of Paul Wiedefeld and his management team. If this is the only budget solution these guys have, it's time to bring in leadership who will think big, bold, and be solutions oriented. We may also need to change our representatives on the WMATA board. Or maybe we should look at converting some of the DC only routes into Circulator routes. 

Woodley Road  

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The Cleveland Park Metro Station is on the chopping block (along with 21 other stations) and will close effective Jan. 1, 2022 if additional funding is not secured.  To provide feedback about this to WMATA, please take the survey at
More information about all the proposed changes is here:

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