ISO 1 br apartment/condo to rent $1500-1800 starting March/ also ISO handyman $35-50/hr or under? ISO great A+ value movers? #moving #handyman

Art Levine <artslevine@...>

FYI: I need to move no later than March 15, but it's not clear whether it will be in the same building or a new apartment, and I'm looking for 1 bedroom rental apartment with concierge desk/package taker, some sort of reserved parking indoor or outdoors, and elevator, all  in the $1400-1800 range that could include renting directly from a condo owner, preferably in northwest Washington area. I'm willing to sign a 12-month lease, have credit in the 700 range, solid steady income. My current apartment at 3003 Van Ness Street  is 915 square feet but has gotten too expensive since living here since 2004. Need something  roughly equivalent in size or larger that's in the price range cited. 

I'm looking for a quasi insured, bonded moving company [not just college kids without some protection/reimbursement for me on damaged goods] high rated company via Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor, Yelp, etc. or multiple rave reviews on this listserv that  will charge me a flat binding or "do not exceed" fee they'll stick to for a local move -- many companies only provide that estimate for long-distance moves. I've got two well-regarded companies doing in-person apartment visit estimates this week, with one at $120/hour for three people for in-apartment moving; the other at $140 hour whether in building or out. Know a great company that can meet or beat those rates with references, great reviews, etc? How also toget really cheap moving boxes, because I'm separately hiring a skilled cleaning /organizing company MLC company I've worked with before at reasonable rates doing most  of the packing and unpacking. Suggestions and leads welcome.

In addition, I'll also need a handyperson/handyman who is reasonably priced for minor tasks for about three hours requiring good skills including requires using screws with electronic drill for taking out blanket from my bedroom wall from current place, and putting back up my wall blanket will bring the right screws and nails and mounting brackets if needed, and other needed tasks including hanging up pictures, making sure already assembled and moved book cases in the new place are set up properly, etc. I'm also likely to go to G street fabrics in Rockville for light blocking fabric for bedroom window if my current fabric isn't sufficient, but other recommendations welcome and need to duct tape or secure the light blocking fabric in new place. I'm seeking someone at or less than $35-$50 hour, for about three hours.

I can be reached at artslevine [at], and I'll provide my cell for texting and calling if this appeal gets any reply.

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