Re: CM Cheh Coronavirus Update: Today's Vaccination Alert

I think a large part of the problem is the insular nature of many of the listservs in Upper Northwest, combined with a lack of leadership from the Mayor. As to the latter, if the Mayor herself would have put in place a team whose focus was on racial and economic equity in their distribution of the vaccine, the easy answer would have been to make sure that appointments were filled according to the Ward of the recipient. It was impossible for residents in Ward 3 to know that there was not equal distribution because they were unaware of what the City was doing elsewhere.

Clearly, the City and the Mayor know that in the less affluent Wards, use of COVID testing sites was a fraction of that here in Ward 3, which seems would have been a pretty good indicator they needed to adjust their approach to the vaccine. The response from the head of the vaccine deployment team when she heard the coverage figures was about as tone deaf as I could imagine. We in Ward 3 had no idea that the coverage would be so relatively low in those Wards. We now do know.

So this presents a great lesson to all of us. First, we cannot expect that the current Mayor will do the right thing when it comes to allocation of scarce resources in a fair and equitable way. I applaud the Council for calling her out on this. I have little faith that she will do better next time. Second, let's always take a step back to think about how deployment of something as precious as a COVID vaccine affects everyone in our City. Appy that wisdom to all decisions the City is making about the safety, health, welfare and living conditions of its residents. 

I know we all want this nightmare to be over. I'm not yet 65, but close, and I have to wait. I personally don't think I am entitled to a vaccine before the folks working at Rodman's or Whole Foods or my mailman. Those folks have to mingle with the public to earn a living and are more deserving than I am, since I'm lucky enough to be able to work from home. I would hope the City would make sure those folks get the vaccine before me.

Steve Seelig

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