Re: ISO advice re: USPS package lost in transit

Carol Ragsdale

I'm still waiting for medication shipped from Wellcare mail order on Dec.10 and also stalled in Hyattsville, MD since 12/15. Now marked as "in transit."  Fortunately, my Walgreen's pharmacist was able to get my insurance to override the refill (since it had just been refilled) and I was able to pick up my blood pressure medication at the pharmacy on Xmas eve.  It never occurred to me that mail order medication delivery might somehow become unreliable.


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I had a package parked in Hyattsville for 10 days and got the same message you did. I contacted the sender and she issued a “ticket” with USPS. I got a text from USPS saying a claim was opened and two hours later received another text saying the claim was closed and the package was received the next day.

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