Re: Metro budget proposes shutting down Cleveland Park station

I'm not sure this logic about renters holds up. Renters pay property taxes for their landlords through rent payments. They definitely pay sales and income taxes. They are on the same exact footing as property owners.

There seems to be a belief that renters don't have the same rights as property owners for the use of City streets for parking, which seems to be a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the Constitution. This whole business about DC enforcing a ban on residential parking permits against renters, I think, would be found to violate those principals. The notion that the landlord can, by agreement, get renters to waive their right to get those passes also seems dubious to me. Philosophically, it bothers me that renters are perceived to have fewer rights to the use of public property, school access, park access, etc.  

As for the price of the residential sticker, if the notion that the price is just right seems to be at odds with the meter parking costs throughout the City. Increasing the cost to market rate would make a lot of sense. And it is well within the City Council's purview to pass a law to increase those rates and revote the proceeds to increase the City's contribution to Metro finding over and above its current obligation.

Steve Seelig

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