Re: ANC history lesson ANC 3C05 – Sauleh Siddiqui

There are a lot of things to unpack here. I would say that I am uneasy when I read about all of the ills of any type of legislative proposal without seeing alternative proposals about how the problems perceived actually will be solved. One thing I am sure of. If the current draft of the Comprehensive Plan is not approved, we will see no new building in Cleveland Park or in the rest of Ward 3 that even begins to address the fact that it supports the least amount of affordable housing in the City.  I am certain I would not support a candidate whose sole mission is lobbying to have that result continue.

One thing that stands out to me is that the solution seems just so easy to this writer. Let's just be like Europe and only have the City subsidize non-profits to develop housing - something that we don't have the money for and won't for a long, long time. That, and the fact that there are no other cities in the US doing it. So that is really a paper tiger in that it is something that will never happen, therefore let's build nothing.

Oh, and the idea that if we let there be more building then EVERY new apartment will be like Sedgwick Gardens. Sure, the City is doing a bad job on that issue and needs to improve. But to conflate that as being a future problem for any new construction seems to miss the economics of the situation. The owners of Sedgwick have a building they don't wish to maintain and cannot get people to live in to pay top dollar. So they did a deal with the City to take in voucher recipients and make money while investing none. 

This is precisely the opposite of the argument being made about wealthy developers who will build only luxury apartments for those who can afford it. The writer cannot have it both ways. If the new developers are building luxury buildings then those will not be the next Sedgwick Gardens. There is no connection between the Comp Plan and the voucher program.

I don't live in 3C either. But I know I would prefer a candidate that actually supports new ideas and initiatives like Saleh Saddiqui. Read about what he wants to do in the ANC here.

Steve Seelig
Ingomar Street

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