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Dear Listserv Community,


I have gone over all the recommendations in the listserv archives for the past 12 months for people who do household repairs and handyman work as well as small construction projects and remodeling. This compilation will also turn up in your search results if you use any of the following keywords: handyman; handymen; handyperson; small jobs; odd jobs; home repair; small construction projects.


After each recommended name there’s a quote from the most informative recommendation. If there’s a number in parenthesis after the name, it stands for how many other list members also recommended that same handyperson within the past 12 months (compilation goes back to August 16, 2019). Multiple recommendations from the same person are not counted. Names are in alphabetical order.


- Peggy Robin

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Brian Arjune. Brian Arjune did an emergency ceiling and wall leak repair for me that involved plumbing, drywall patching, and painting. He did his work while masked and maintaining social distancing. When he was done, you could not tell that anything had ever happened to the ceiling or the wall – and he did a spotless clean-up job. His rates were eminently reasonable. His cellphone is the best way to reach him – 240-483-1629 – and after your initial contact, he likes to follow-up by text messaging. 


Juan Cayrampoma. I'm happy to recommend Juan Cayrampoma, 703-593-7587, iiraymi@.... He's a painter and contractor who can handle many tasks in addition to painting (repairs and renovations if you ever need those). Very personable and professional, impeccable work, excellent communication, and very reasonable fees. I recently hired Juan for interior repainting of my entire apartment (he has a small crew) and various repairs & handyman tasks, and he's become my go-to painter & handyman. He was recommended to me by a neighbor who has known and hired him for ~20 years. I wish I had known about Juan years ago.


Guadelupe Elizalde. I’m very pleased with Guadelupe Elizalde, who does it all very well and at reasonable cost. 202-701-7513


Wayne Fisher. Wayne Fisher is a multi-skilled person who does an excellent job with all kinds of handyman needs, including painting. He lives in Woodley Park, is reliable, practical, and does things in a timely manner. Reasonably priced and a nice guy. 202-232-3781 or homeworks1@....


George Harper. Several years ago, based on several glowing recommendations on the Takoma Park listserve, I hired George Harper for some carpentry. He soon became a true friend, and he has since also done some other work for me including cement work, and also rebuilt my parents' back steps in Cleveland Park. Although I've only hired him for single-person jobs, he has a plumber, electrician, etc on call so can serve as a contractor for kitchen renovations and the like. He is super capable and also one of the most kind and joyful people I've ever met. He will charge you a fair price and he'll be lovely to have around. You can reach him at 301.254.6919


Fidel Lopez. For a couple of decades, many who live in CP, including virtually everyone on Ross Place and a couple of owners of several rental houses, use Fidel Lopez.  He Had successfully and economically completed all manner of inside and outside jobs, including gut renovation of bedrooms, bathrooms, deck repair, painting, etc.etc.  (571) 524-7666, 82flopez@...


Rigo Majanos. I highly recommend Rigo Májanos. He’s been our go-to for projects big and small and is amazing. +1 (703) 403-7188


Ricardo Martinez. Ricardo Martinez fits the description. He is my go-to contractor. Ricardo Martinez (703) 953-4338 richardhomeservices@...


Anatole Mbakoup. Anatole Mbakoup can work with people. I’ve used him for the last ten years. Very handy and pleasant to work with. 703 593 6698, Atmbakoup@...


Jaime Noriega (2). Call or text our long-term handyman Jaime Noriega, 301-740-5557. He and his crew have done everything for us from small repairs like those you mention to bigger jobs including basement and bath renovations, interior and exterior painting, yard work and more. We have relied on him for years for his good work, reasonable fees, and helpful ideas on anything related to our home.


Martin Oliva. I can’t recommend Martin Oliva highly enough. He has helped us for more than 10 years with projects large and small,  both indoors and out. His projects in our 1905 townhouse include painting, plumbing, installing appliances, repairing the living room ceiling, retiling  the bathroom, building bookcases, and remodeling the rental apartment. He is reliable, easy to work with and his prices are fair. JmartinRemodeling@... 301-602-6591


Reynaldo Rodriguez. Reynaldo Rodriguez, a genius as an all-around handyman and a fine house painter, just finished chipping dead paint and repainting the overhang under the eaves of my three-storey house. He has been an invaluable and completely reliable help for 25 or more years, and I recommend him without reservation.  His e-mail is picaso_2@... but calling or texting his cell phone - 703-403-1782 - gets the quickest reply.


Stephen Van Eynde (4). You will love my handyman, Steve Van Eynde. He is creative, innovative and he has many talents. You will find Stephen easy to work with and he can estimate his charges well. No surprises. Stephen's charges are reasonable. Reach him at (202) 364-6109, 202-250-4113 or EMWgroup@...  


Luis Ventura. My husband, Gary, and I highly recommend Luis Ventura as a carpenter, painter, and handyman. We found him via a neighbor who is a building contractor in early May when we were looking for a painter and a carpenter, and Luis exceeded our expectations. [Long description of painting project has been snipped.] ….In addition, we found other house repairs that Luis perfectly fixed, including adjusting many dresser drawers that would not close and replacing ceiling light bulbs. Luis always wore a face mask. He is pleasant, in his early 30s with a young family, and happy to be working. [Snipped description of payment & reimbursement arrangements.]….Luis told us that before the pandemic, he was a contractor for bars and restaurants. He said that he can install tile and drywall, too. His price to us was only $35 an hour, which is substantially less than every other handyman - painter - carpenter we have contacted based upon ListServ recommendations. Luis’ cell phone is 202-717-7942. His email is LUISITO800.LV@...

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