Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions

Pamela Sutherland

Please wear your mask whenever you go outside of your home.

I am recovering from cancer. I also have a dog and a desire to get some fresh air. 
None of the sidewalks on Connecticut Avenue are wide enough to accommodate 6 feet between passersby. My dog's leash is 6 feet so I am sure that people passing each other on the sidewalk cannot maintain a 6 foot distance.
The Klingle trail is similarly not wide enough for two people to pass without being within 6 feet of each other.
The science is still unclear about the level of contagion of the corona virus. Some people are apparently "super spreaders" and some people are asymptomatic carriers. I don't know if I am passing one of these people on the street or the trail.
Would you all please just wear a mask? How would you feel if you gave me Covid-19 and I had to use up valuable hospital space and perhaps died? Is wearing a mask all that difficult? 
You can parse the details of the Mayor's order, but the bottom line is that you have no idea about the vulnerability of the people you pass when you are not wearing a face mask.
Please just wear one.
If you cannot afford one, please contact me off line and I will be happy to mail you a couple.
Pamela K. Sutherland, JD, EDFP
3133 Connecticut Avenue NW
Washington, DC  20008  

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