Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions

Amber Sparks

I read all these “letter of the law” emails with a little sadness; as someone who lives in a building and on a block with many older residents, I would rather be a good neighbor and community member than follow the law to the letter and no more. I always wear a mask while walking outside and I always make a special effort to move away to six feet when passing folks on the sidewalk, and not because the law tells me to - I do these things because I appreciate when others do them, and I know I am doing my small part to make my community feel and be safer. 
Everyone can make their own choices within the law; I will always err on the side of making others safer. Why not just wear a mask? And if you don’t, certainly please make an effort to stay six feet away. If you do neither, please know that you are making others in your community feel a little less secure. It’s that simple.


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Agreed and thank you for the link to the order, Chuck. I had actually been wondering if it was inappropriate to go maskless when out walking my dog. I had also wondered if I was supposed to make a special effort to avoid briefly passing by someone within six feet. My interpretation of the order is that the answer to both of these questions is "no." I'd felt somewhat self-conscious about going maskless outside and infrequently quickly passing someone on the street. Now, I'll feel totally confident that my actions are consistent with city guidelines.   

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