Re: Firehook Is Closing...and Coppi's Organic, Too

Ann Hamilton

Thanks, Kathy, for your statement about the many possible causes of business decisions. I was intrigued by your statement that “The Cleveland Park Main Street effort has included evaluation of our businesses and the underlying ownership of property.” Unfortunately, the link you provided is all about the umbrella organization, District Bridges. It provides no information at all about Cleveland Park; indeed, only one of the photos on the “Cleveland Park Main Street” site is of Cleveland Park. While I’m pleased that they are “provid[ing] assistance with grants and such,” that is the only activity that is ever cited, with no specifics, when I ask what they are doing to support our local businesses. I have seen no evidence of their activities and virtually no outreach to the community. How disappointing!

Ann Hamilton
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I am very sorry about Coppi’s and Firehook closing, but it is not a surprise that some of our businesses will not generate the revenues they need to continue. Even before the pandemic, some CP businesses did not seem robust. For the bars and restaurants, gyms and salons, it is devastating to suffer a loss of all or most income for months. We all know that. 
My point in writing is that there are different reasons why specific businesses decide to close at a particular time—-not always the landlord or the developer. Maybe it’s a lease expiration, a repair, a loan rollover, costs of re-opening or restaffing. Or just that in Cleveland Park, we are recovering slowly with the Zoo closed until this Friday, schools closed, and with a sizable health focused community concerned about eating out, even outside. My understanding is that CP is recovering more slowly than some other areas in town.
I don’t have the knowledge to be an apologist or accuser of landlords, banks, or our businesses, or us, but it’s predictable that the pandemic and the consequent government restrictions to protect the community will accelerate and deepen the problems of consumer facing businesses. They run out of money. But some will make it and prosper. Good judgment from our federal and local governments in devising programs would help, as would our support.
The Cleveland Park Main Street effort has included evaluation of our businesses and the underlying ownership of property. The group is doing all possible to provide assistance with grants and such. The link is    

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