Re: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions


Thank you for your clarification.

I actually find this reporter’s characterization of the order to be inaccurate and a cause for confusion in a political atmosphere where specificity is important. I would like to think the Washingtonian would make a correction in order to show its commitment to journalistic integrity and staying above the misinformation that seems to abound.

I’m so glad we live somewhere that mandates masks, but I’m also glad the regulation is reasonable and we are allowed to leave our homes without one, when safe to do so. 😊

Lee Ayres
Nebraska Ave

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Thanks. What is the enforcement mechanism? A fine?
Editor's note: The Washingtonian article cited below did not include information about fines, but The Washington Post reports the following:
"John Falcicchio, the mayor’s chief of staff, said D.C. police will be empowered to fine people not wearing a mask, although the city expects such fines to be limited."
The full article is here:

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FYI: Masks are now mandatory in DC, with minor exceptions:
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